Sunday, 7 July 2013

World Wide

Yesterday there was no rain at St. Lawrence Market, just a lot of sticky heat, mitigated by the blessed breeze up Market Street, right in front of my table. People of the world were much in evidence as the tour buses dropped them off and picked them up. It was a good day, but the heat drove many vendors to pack up a bit early.

I wasn't the only one kicking myself for deciding to listen to last Saturday's weather report erroneously calling for rain. I overheard another vendor echoing my moaning, but the moan-ee reported that the day was pretty "meh" despite the unexpectedly good weather. It was comforting news, which I choose to believe.

After two bad weeks, sales were really good yesterday. What a relief! On with the weekly show:

This is Pablo Garcia. He has been bicycling around the world since 1999! So far he has visited over eighty countries. The image at the top of this post is of little pins he's selling to help finance his trip.

Pablo's documentary, in Spanish and English versions, also on sale. He also has a photo album with spectacular shots he's taken on his epic journey.

This is Helen. No sooner had I finished sewing in the lining of this hand dyed and appliqued Lily Garbo style than Helen snapped it up. It makes her skin glow most becomingly while keeping it nicely shaded.

Sara liked the fascinators, but this band is not too over-the-top for everyday wear. And it harmonizes beautifully with Sara's pretty hair and complexion.

The daily dog is Brooklyn! She is a nine-month-old boxer, and a total suck. She is heavily into tummy rubs and handshakes, as I learned immediately after snapping this photo.

This Lab was a popular photo opp as he or she cooled down in the fountain, like all sensible children and dogs are wont to do. I wish there was a sociably acceptable alternative for vendors.

The costumed folk were back, in their hot woollen uniforms and long frocks, with an anachronistic loudspeaker to tell stories about the War of 1812. Those men are made of stern stuff to withstand those uniforms in such heat and humidity. It makes me feel quite limp just looking at them.

Also happening in Toronto is a convention for barbershop quartets. I'm fairly sure two of them are at the right of this shot, looking on with appreciation as the costumed people sing their go-to call-and-answer ditty about the lady who wants to marry a reluctant soldier.

Dagmar hemmed and hawed before choosing this snappy trilby. I think it's going to live in Denmark.

Heather knows how to dress for this weather. She chose two feather clips, one of which she promptly attached to the band of her own hat. Clips are so versatile!

Kathy almost chose another fascinator, but this one proved more irresistible. Just right for a night at the opera.

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