Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dogs and Cats

Another beautiful day at the Market last Saturday. Just about perfect, really. Warm sun, cool breeze... Wedding parties and costumed War of 1812 interpreters were lucky that they they were spared the wall of heat and humidity that hit us the next day and continues as I type this.

Young Isabella did me the honour of wearing one of the hairbands I made with her charming Parisian purple ensemble. Snappy dresser, that one.

A quick sale (to a camera-shy customer) early in the morning was an optimistic start to the day. Two returning customers came by -- always a delight! Jean came by again, bringing another daughter. While she was there, another familiar hat came up, perched upon another Anne, who was looking to add to her collection. She had taken the jolly yellow daffodil bucket she bought a couple of summers ago to live a glamorous life in Rome. This time she chose a straw braid with natural quartz gently blinging the band:

It must have been waiting for her, since it's a particularly small head size. She looks fab in it, but again, she was disinclined to be photographed. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Salome gasped most obligingly when I showed her my latest fascinator. She had donated some fantastic fabric remnants and I used one of them on it. Voila:

Then she regaled me with episodes from "Despicable Me 2". She can mimic a mean Minion, man. (Okay, I'll stop.)

My friend Adena, another Market aficionada (yes, spellcheck, it's a real word. Sheesh... ), dropped by with a donation of bits and bobs of jewelry to noodle with. How lucky I am to have friends who bestow goodies upon me!

Amy Marcus, the Rice Queen of the south market, in her rice tiara. Her father, Rube, started the business as soon as space in the south market building was made available in the mid 1970's. He died recently an is much mourned. There's a lovely photo of him and Amy in the link.

They were handing out balloons for the musical "Cats". Very popular, those balloons.

Darwin, the daily dog. He's an old friend and a regular. We all love him. He's very sweet.

This guy was too irresistible to not snap. He reminds me of my cousin George. He was a bulldog, too.

I don't think this one actually got wet, but I was rooting for him to, so I could empathically enjoy the cool.

Young Sara came by for a quick bit of dress-up.

Pablo Garcia on the move. This bike has been to over eighty countries! I wonder how many tires changes it's had?

A strawberry bites the dust, artily.

More accidental art.

This is Cora. Half Jack Russell terrier, half chihuahua. And all adorable.

And just as I was packing up at the end of the day, Yvonne came by in need of a hat. After much trial and consultation with Salome and Erin, my tent neighbour, she chose this one. She struck this beautiful pose, like a real sport. Thanks, Yvonne! I hope you and your sage grey hand-dyed linen Lily Garbo will be very happy together!

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