Kind Words

Some of the nice things customers have said about me and my work:

"I absolutely love the fascinator you made me! I’ve attached a picture of me wearing your fascinator from the baby shower last week."

"Thank you so much for all your beautiful work on my fascinator! It was a great experience and I will treasure it."

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for spending the time with me and for the wonderful welcome to your amazing workshop this afternoon."

"I got the photos and I am so excited! Thank you and I'm happy to see how beautifully it is coming to fruition!"

"I love the hat (the first "bespoke" item I've ever owned, I believe) and I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to meet you and to see you improve upon anything that I could ever find in a store. [My wife] and I (and several interested friends) enjoyed the latest blog entry very much, and I'm especially pleased that both hat and photographer have made me look so good. It would be a pleasure to call upon your artistry again."

"Everyone admired our hats and thought they were fab! It was a pleasure dealing with you and you made the process so much fun! I will definitely be back for another amazing fascinator!"

"Thank you so much for today; I had such a wonderful experience with you! You're awesome! I am truly excited to see what we create this go, as well as future ventures. I can already predict I am going to want to wear it with EVERYTHING I OWN!!"

"Thank you so much for your lovely card and for the beautiful fascinator for my Kentucky Derby themed Bridal Shower. I've attached a couple of photos for you so you can see how wonderfully it complimented my outfit."

"Thank you so much for designing my beautiful fascinator for my baby shower. Everyone absolutely loved it and it really made my whole outfit! My mom also loved hers as well! You really have a wonderful talent!"

"Oh that's wonderful Anne! I'm so glad you are able to help us. I'm so happy to have found you and am excited you are doing this for [my husband]!"

"Thank you again for all your work on our fascinators, they were a hit, and everyone loved them! :)"

"Thank you again for your time and efforts. Our hats are gorgeous! We love them. You have been an absolute pleasure to work with. We've had the most positive experience:)"

"You have created something fabulous! I love it. Gosh the girls are going to love these! (doing an excited jig - I presume that all jigs are done with excitement...)"

"I would LOVE to hear about your upcoming craft shows and work with you again. I wore your fascinator to three other weddings this summer - it looked amazing."

"I'll have you know that the braided 2 disc raffia with the sequins is my FAVORITE headband - I'm wearing it right now actually! :)"

"Hi Anne. I came across your webpage with some fascinators you have created. Beautiful work I must say!"

"Your work is totally fabulous..."

"Thanks for bringing the hat down yesterday, I love it. It's perfect."

"I am part of a fairly active community in the west end, and gave you a glowing review to them."

"You are extremely talented and I am so impressed by so many of your pieces!"

"Your hats are AMAZING! I really love both of them and they fit perfectly
(doesn't happen often with my large head), so thank-you very much, I'm thrilled! A happy customer."

"I saw you at the St. Lawrence Market Saturday morning and bought my fascinator that I wore to a wedding the same day. I had so many compliments and comments on it and it matched/topped off my outfit perfectly. Thanks so much I love it."

"I love my hat! I wanted to let you know I had lots of compliments!"

“Here is my story: I have this favourite cap. I dare to say it is an old friend, like a PI's clung-to trench coat. My hat was a poor-boy cap with an extra generous crown and its drape was beautiful. Not only that, the cap protected my wind-sensitive head during the shoulder seasons -- wind too cool for no hat and temp too warm for winter hat. Finally a couple of years ago the cap almost overnight seemed to sigh and disintegrated from fifteen years of sun and wind and protection duties.

I was so lucky to find Anne! I had been searching from even before the 'disintegration' in anticipation of 'the day'. I stopped searching a year ago or so when a visit to a well-known Toronto milliner made me feel like I'd received a 'smack upside the head' for my impertinent request. And here she had in me a perfect pushover for whatever price she wanted to charge since I was already well primed by the anticipation of cap-mourning.

Anyway, the experience was significant enough for me to decide that my hope of replacing the cap was dashed, UNTIL I found Anne. She with her anything-is-possible attitude, has made three beautiful new caps for far. She has the loveliest personal presence and earnestness for her work. Her attention to detail and 'no quitting until it's right' mindset is wonderful. And her prices are definitely fair. Her work is in a word: excellent. Happy end to this story and the very happy beginning of having my very own milliner."


  1. Hi Anne,

    I came across you website while searching for a company which sells hat making machines. I am very impressed with you work. A true display of passion and talent. Well done, I am inspired!

    God Bless

  2. It's nice to see that skilled artisans still have a place in this mass-produced society.