Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Vaughan of a Kind

The hats, the indispensable Scott and I made our first appearance at the annual Vaughan of a Kind art + craft show last Saturday.  It's been going on for a few years now.  The lovely and talented Yolanda Pang of Poetic Designs (modern vintage jewelry) recommended it.

It was a lovely day and the Vellore Village Community Centre was a bright, sunny place to spend it.  The new-ish centre (opened in 2005) certainly seems to be a community hub.  Lots of kids and parents coming and going to dance classes, swimming, karate and so on.  We had an adorable view of little girls in dance classes all day, right in front of our display.  How I wanted to dress their cute little heads..


The main floor was filled with crafters and artists of many ilks. The show is growing every year.  We each had a neat L-shaped space formed by two tables, which made a nice change from a single, long table.

It was also nice to be just around the corner from their wee snack bar.  A freshly baked pretzel with mustard hit the spot mid-morning.

The day started out quite slowly, with plenty of time to take a look at the other vendors.  It was delightful to run into Joanna of JET Designs, another jeweler I met at St.Lawrence Market when I was a newby there.  Joanna's so nice, and  her jewelry seems to be very popular.  She really gets around, too.   She's in shows all over the place, usually with her supportive mum helping her, as was the case Saturday.

Of course I saw Yolanda.  I love her pretty steampunky work.

I also saw someone whose name I did not catch, who makes vintage style porcelain dolls.  They are quite exquisite.  It's not just assembling parts;  she moulds the porcelain herself, and sews on the mohair wigs, and makes the costumes.  Quite the esoteric art!  She also teaches this craft.  How fun would that be?

She was right beside someone making equally exquisite Victorian style crazy quilt cushions and Christmas stockings.  I love crazy quilts.  I made myself a crazy quilt Christmas stocking a few years ago that still delights me when I hang it "by the chimney with care" each year.

Another vendor whose name I utterly neglected to catch makes adorable knitted caps.  Some were plain with simple decorations and others were like cute animals with ears.  She said that she knows David Dunkley, who I do some work for, and told me how he once bought a bunny cap with ears from her, for himself to wear to take his niece and nephew tobogganing one year!  That didn't surprise me.  Last time we worked together he was wearing his cheesy souvenir Will and Kate cuff links.  I love a milliner who doesn't take himself too seriously.

Our vendor neighbours was on our right was Suetables, a very nice couple, Pamela and Jesse, selling Pamela's beautiful silver jewelry.  They have three little kids at home, so her creations must be an important outlet for Pamela.  They were very helpful to one of my customers, offering insightful advice on making her selection.  Thanks again, guys!

Kendall loves peacock!  I thought she was all dolled up for a dance performance, but instead she was modeling tutus for one of the vendors.
Musicians in Victorian costumes.  Very pretty accompaniment to our show.  (No, I didn't make their hat and fascinator.)
Teresa was in Italy and could not find a hat she liked there.  She saw mine and loved it immediately.  So remember, if Italy can't help, contact me.
Sunder chose one of my cozy new toques, which she can tuck or pull down deep over her ears.
And this lady came by just at the very end to scoop up this jaunty poorboy cap.  I think she made a great choice.

And here endeth the tale.  I will post a new entry about the other shows I'll be doing this season.  And if I can make you anything special for your holiday occasions, please don't hesitate to ask!  I'd love to hear from you.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Sarah's Fascinator

I was scrolling through my email inbox in search of something when I came across one I had completely missed when it first arrived.  It was particularly vexing because I had been looking forward to it for months.  A client had promised to send me a photo of herself at her bridal shower, wearing the bespoke fascinator I had made for her.  It started with a blob of nail polish for colour matching, continued with a flurry of emails and photos of the work in progress, and this photo shows the result.

Here I was thinking she had forgotten all about it, when it was me who was the knucklehead.  Of course I apologized and thanked her as soon as I found this.  Here, I'll do it again:  Thanks again, Sarah, and sorry!

It was worth the wait.  I love this piece, and Sarah rocks it.