Saturday, 26 January 2013

Everyone for Tennis

Thursday night I was selling my feathery wares at the Granite Club. It was the venue for a fundraising dinner for the Doug Philpott Inner-City Children's Tennis. Prizes were awarded for the ladies' tennis tournament that benefits the charity, and a raffle, live and silent auctions, and a few select vendors.

Joanna Sipos, of Belle Boutique, was among them. I have her to thank for my presence there as well, since she recommended me to her friend on the organizing committee. It's always great to have a friend to work alongside, and always a pleasure to see Joanna.

Turns out our liaison, Eva, is an old school mate of mine. Quel small world! Her hilarious performance in a video called "The Tennis Whisperer" proved she's also a talented comedienne. She very kindly included us at her table for dinner, which was a delicious surprise.

The red carpet was the theme for the evening, complete with big, fake "Oscar" (TM) and makeup applications to amp up the glam factor for photo ops. Feather boas featured prominently, part of a prize contest, shedding enthusiastically over all the carpets.

The goal was to raise $50,000 to send as many inner-city kids as possible to a week of free tennis camp. I hope they made it. A good time was had by all, including myself. Thanks to Eva Kiss MacDonald for including me!

The red carpet.

My table, a la "Hollywood North." (Silver branches, gold stars.)

Eva Kiss MacDonald, in the fascinator I made for her to go with her lime green shoes.
Joanna's table.
Janet, my first customer of the evening, looking ravishing in her new red silk rose with feather spray.
Nicola, in her teal rose.
Mary, who likes hats and twenties' style, chose this one. And I'm delighted that she did!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely holiday season. The indispensable Scott and I did. Very homey, cozy, cuddly and comforting.

We were hard pressed to leave our hearth, so we mostly didn't, not even on New Year's Eve. Sheer bliss! We are very blessed and grateful for being able to feel this way.

I haven't fallen off the edge of the world. I have been helping Scott with a very exciting project of his, which really need a non-millinery posting of its own. It will have one in due course. I've also been working on feathered frou frou for a private sale this week. I should really be back at it, but I wanted to quickly check in with you lovely people.

Also, I helped David Dunkley at the annual Wedding Co. bridal show at the Carlu. It's always a treat to visit its Art Deco splendour and gawp at all the gorgeous creations the local wedding trade has to offer this year's brides. I love talking to the people and playing dress-up with the ladies. It's fun to see the stars in their eyes as they start to envision what their special headpiece could be.

It inspired me to create another bridal piece of my own. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013