Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Crashing and Burning

That's what my computer has been doing lately. I'm using a woeful little tablet to gasp out this message PC should be
back in a few days, and I'll catch up with you then.

Thank you for your patience.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Whether Weather

Or not. It was mostly "or not" weather at St. Lawrence Market last Saturday. The forecast called for rain, and the people heard and largely stayed home. At least, that's what we were telling ourselves and each other near the fountain beside the farmers' market -- my micro-neighbourhood of fellow vendors. It was sunny, then grey and unsettled, and although the rain actually held off until we'd left, we packed up a smidge early because it really looked like it was about to start pouring.

A lot of vendors stayed home, too. It was almost like a bowling alley in the Park (the area between Front and King Streets where the craft vendors set up).

See? Oodles of tables available.

It was still worth the trip, though, because I had a bespoke hat to deliver to Jean, a returning customer -- my favourite kind! She had asked for a shallower crown on a wide-brimmed linen hat, and I made it, and it was good. So good I will probably make more like it. Thanks, Jean, for expanding my horizons!

Jean in her new hat. It has silver paint around the middle and a thin linen cord as trim. Simple, casual but elegant and goes with almost everything. And really keeps the sun off.

The daily busker was this guy, playing beautiful, Spanish-y guitar across the street. You'll be relieved to learn he is a licensed subway performer. Because we don't want just any buskers at the world's greatest food market (per National Geographic).

Cookie! The daily dog. Since it was a slow day, we have more daily dogs:

Sam (left) and Ishtar. Isn't that a great name for a pug? I love it.

When Sam and Ishtar met Buster, Buster gave them a piece of his mind and the sharp side of his tongue. But it was all talk.

No fountain, just pond for these guys to play in.

I had tons of time to go strolling, so I did. Here's the north-west corner of Front and Jarvis. Usually packed with vendors to the right of this stalwart, not so much that day.

Front Street, north side, looking toward Jarvis. Usually lots more foot traffic than this.

Stop. Do not pass go, do not collect lots of money. Sigh...

I was so bored I decided to take a photo of myself wearing necklaces by Salome. I was not aware she was photobombing me.

I find this photo hilarious. I hope you like it, too.

Next week is Woofstock, where we regular craft vendors get relocated to make way for the doggie-centric ones for the weekend. Don't know if the hats and I will be there, but I'll certainly keep you posted.