Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Dads, Dampness and Dead PCs. But I'm Still Alive!

It's been a bumpy few weeks, especially technologically. My old PC had been smoking, and since this is a non-smoking household, I sent it out to be scared straight. It came back with a new power supply which seemed to have worked, for one or two days, then not so much. No more smoke, but still too hot. So back to the shop it went.

Turns out the overheating was due to some little thingy (grey and flappy) on a component board that couldn't be replaced, or so I had to believe, so I had to buy a whole new computer. Oh joy. So I did. I'm still getting used to it. But it's smaller and quieter, which is good, right? And this sucker's under warranty, thank goodness.

In the meantime, my new, cheapo android tablet, my only connection to the interweb while the PC was sick, flew out of my hands as I was trying to take photos with it, onto the floor in smithereens. (Forehead smack. Choke back tears. Heavy sigh.)

And then there is/was the weather. Saturday the 22nd called for rain, but not until the afternoon, so I figured I had a reasonable shot at a good day at St. Lawrence Market before it started, so off we (me and the indispensable Scott) went. The rain started at 11 a.m. It cleared up a bit, then it came down big time. The day was a washout, literally and figuratively.

Last Saturday the forecast was almost identical. I checked the weather station and radar and it called for rain. Since the weather forecasts had been so accurate all the previous week, I decided not to go. Result: a rain-free and pretty darn sunny day. Sheesh...

So you'll understand if I begin to feel that Mercury, the god of communications, has it in for me personally. Amulets, charms and incantations. Maybe that's what I need. I welcome all suggestions. Bring 'em!

.....deep breath.....

Anyhoo, to catch you up, the day before Father's Day, it was a good day for the hats and me at St. Lawrence Market. It took some time to get going, but then the going was good! The weather was nice, and people seemed to be feeling fine.

The area behind me had new food vendors, which was fun. There were free ice cream samples! I chose salty caramel, which is my current flavour obsession, and I was not disappointed.

Friends dropped by to say hello, which I just love. (Note to friends: Please come and say hi! I will not try to make you buy something, so it's safe!) Two of said friends wanted to know the news about the indispensable Scott's book on the history of the homesteads of North York, being published by Dundurn on November 23. It's called Willowdale: Yesterday's Farms, Today's Legacy. I'm all kinds of proud, as you may imagine, and always happy to dish about this exciting chapter in our lives!

Adam, making Father's Day points, with Isabella. Couldn't you just about die?

Bailey was my first customer of the day. She chose this fascinator for her graduation soiree. And I'm ever so glad she did!

This charming creature is the daily dog. Do I recall the name? No, I do not. I hope he or she is a regular and that I will be able to rectify this omission soon.

Next up was Liis, who decided she had to have this little number. They look quite pleased with each other, I think.

Dianna hemmed and hawed between this fascinator and another one. "Choose the one that makes you smile most," I advised. This is that one.

It's always thrilling when customers return, and when they refer their friends and family to me. This is Nan, daughter of Jean, who had me make her a new hat this season after getting so many compliments on the one she bought two years ago. Thanks again to both of you wonderful ladies!

Kim rounded out my day, choosing this "Lily Garbo" model with the applique flowers that make me think of Clarice Cliff. Very good shape for keeping the sun off the face.

Nothing much to show for June 22:

Some of my fascinators on a new white stand, waiting all hopefully for the people who never came...

The fountain in the rain. How redundant.

The rain as seen from behind my grids, where I was trapped during the deluge.

No one wants to buy hats in the rain. Please keep your fingers crossed that the first Saturday in July will be much better! And come see me if you're going to the Queen's Plate and want to wear a fascinator! Because I have some nice ones. I thank you.

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