Sunday, 19 September 2010

September Song

It was another good weather day at St. Lawrence Market this Saturday. Mild, no rain while we were at our table. Fewer craft vendors is the theme for September, weather notwithstanding. (Weather or not. Hee hee. Oh stop it, Anne.) Busloads of tourists are still being offloaded throughout the day and the homegrown shoppers are still in abundance. But there's no denying it -- this is the last weekend of official summer and the season is winding down.

A couple of musical buskers helped jolly up an otherwise dull day. One was a young girl, maybe ten years old, playing her violin. Scott (my indispensable one) told me that after her first number when no one paid much attention, she looked at her mum, shrugged, and started a new tune. What a little trouper! I think she made out okay, though. We certainly ponied up, as did some of the other vendors. She was very cute and pretty darn good, too. Later on a grownup with a guitar played many Can con hits that kept me bopping and singing along behind my grid screen. (It's like a car window. You feel kind of invisible behind it, even though you really aren't.)

Last week's "guardians" were still there this week, this time with young women to help them hand out posters. There were also young naval cadets selling tags, which became the vendors' accessory du jour. The cadet I spoke to had polished his boots so they looked like patent leather. He pointed out that these were only his work boots. At this rate I don't think I'd want to view his dress boots with the naked eye.

Pretty quiet at my table. Not a lot of visitors or customers. And then, to save the day, along came Denyse to buy my rakish fedora with the film strippy ribbon band. It's so wonderful when returning customers keep returning! It's very encouraging and motivating.

This was my second last Saturday at the Market. It sure was a fast four and a half months. Whatever shall I do with Saturdays at liberty? Make stuff to sell at Christmas, that's what! Stay tuned to this blog for news about the craft shows where I'll be selling my hats and accessories.

Pictured at the top of this post is Scott (another one, not my personal one) and Buddy, not his, but his frequent companion. Scott sells beautiful pashminas. Every time I see them together, Scott always says that Buddy almost killed him. I don't know if this is a recurring thing, or a one-off. Buddy almost kills me with cuteness, certainly.

And on with the show...
Audrey lending her grace to her new silk rose.

Denyse always looks fantastic in the hats she chooses. Thanks, Denyse!

Ian, Judy Welch's indispensable one, modeling one of Judy's chunky stone necklaces. (I told you it was kind of a dull day.)

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