Monday, 6 September 2010

The Brrrr Months Begin

It's Labour Day weekend and the weather wants to make sure you know that summer's over. Not officially, of course, but to all intents and purposes. It was darn chilly and grey and occasionally rainy this Saturday at St. Lawrence Market. My poor neighbour was underdressed for the sudden drop in temperature, jumping up and down to keep warm in his shorts and T-shirt.

It was a very quiet day, with very little foot traffic. Quite the juxtaposition to last weekend's hot and crowded Buskerfest. There was one interesting event, though. Someone kept announcing that there would be a marriage-related event at 12:30 on Front Street and that we should all pay attention. At the appointed time, a crew of young men performed a spirited dance routine. One of them did a back flip. Then another young man with a bull horn told a young lady that he was ready to go the distance for her for the rest of his life, got down on one knee, and proposed. She accepted, and the crowd went wild.

Did I mention that all this took place in front of the movie theatre where they're playing "Going the Distance"? Because it did. So I don't know if this was real or if it was a creative, yet excessive, way of getting into the movie for free. If you know, leave a message. But it was an amusing performance in the middle of a drab day.

I took shaky pictures for you.

Here is pretty Erika in her new headband with vintage lace from my great-grandfather's lingerie factory.

Rick, looking quite dashing in an Ivy cap.

See the couple in left corner? They are as yet un-affianced.

She says yes.

She accepts congratulations from passersby.

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