Monday, 13 September 2010

September 11, St. Lawrence Style

September 11 was as it should be -- a beautiful, peaceful day. It was mild and sunny while we were selling at St. Lawrence Market this past Saturday. More visitors were milling about, now that Labour Day weekend has come and gone and people return to the school year schedule.

Froshes were froshing (from Ryerson, I think), too. There was also another movie promotion going on. A Roman centurion named Alejandro was handing out free posters to little kids for something called "Legend of the Guardians". Owls are involved.

It was a much jollier Saturday than last week. Warmer weather, visits from friends who live or work nearby, and being regaled by descriptions of silly films my tent neighbour of the day, John, had made as a student. (He had an awesome hat on, too, which was unfortunately not made by me. A Sherlock Holmes-ian affair made of many fabric scraps.)

The big film festival, TIFF, is on, too. Sadly, no movie stars stopped by to try on my excellent black felt fedora with the film strip ribbon. (Which means you're still in luck!)

Lots more people did come by to try and/or buy. A couple of nice pooches, too. To wit:
Chimo. His name means "hello". I thought he was a Bouvier, but no -- he's a giant Shnauser. Giant-est one I ever met. And a real sweetie.

His counterpoint:

Lucy! A wiggly, wall-eyed cutie.

Michael tried on this green poorboy cap....

....but it was Keith who bought it.

My headpiece with the zipper, feathers and ribbon found a forever home with lovely Marlena.

Natalie snapped up my latest band with silk yo-yos and beads.


Tonya fell for my new cloche style. The feeling is mutual.

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