Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Storming Wychwood Barns

The indispensable Scott, the hats and I made a field trip to Artscape's craft sale at the Wychwood Barns last Saturday. They do this once a month from spring to fall.

The indispensable Scott is a skilled roadie. (As a recovering musician, he comes by this honestly.) He figured out a way to load a little bitty dolly with a tremendous amount of display grids, table and merchandise that cut down our load-in and load-out times by a wide margin, not to mention stuffing everything into a little Mazda for every show we do. My hero!

The first time I was at this venue was for a holiday craft sale last December. It's so cool there! Artscape took the wonderful old TTC streetcar barns near Christie and St. Clair at risk of demolition and turned them into a community hub incorporating live/workspaces for artists and artisans. There is also a Saturday farmers' market outside in the summertime, inside in the wintertime, and entertainers.

The best part is we craft vendors get to be inside! So it doesn't matter if it rains! What a refreshing respite from being under tents at St. Lawrence Market. It rained a little, just at closing time. No big deal.

Two of my favourite artists/artisans also had their wares for sale -- Lily, creator of Soap Utopia, and Joanna Furtado (née Sipos), newlywed artist of Belle Boutique, of whom I have spoken many times before. I haven't seen Lily in a couple of years. She used to be a regular at St. Lawrence Market, which is where we met. Lily is a really nice person, and I sincerely adore her awesome, handcrafted soap. It is just fabulous, so I made sure to stock up.

While the show was on, a TV crew from Fairchild TV came through. I gave my first millinery TV interview! Of course, I cannot find it to see it, much less link to it, and the reporter will not answer my enquiries, so there you go. Sigh...

(Mea culpa: My spelling is contraction-free because my computer thinks I am speaking French. I cannot disabuse it of this notion, so until I can, when I want to shorten, say, it is, it comes out itès. Thus far pressing Help has availed me no help. Soooo not a computer person.... Au secour!)

It was nice to experience Wychwood in the summer. At the holiday craft sale last year, people were very nice and very supportive. They said nice things (and without being patronizing -- bonus!) and invested in my work, too. I could not ask for more. This time the love was still there, as well as some customers, but it was a fairly quiet day for sales. Other vendors were having a similar experience, so taking it personally was not necessary. Phew!

A wedding party wandered through for photos. The bridesmaids wore the blingiest dresses I have ever seen. Very Hollywood glam, as you will see.

Anyhoo, on with the show:

My table.

Piper in her new head band with her awesome lion . He had eyes just like Puss in Boots has in beseeech mode in the Shrek movies.

Ronnie, first seagrass cap purchaser! Yay!

Pamela bought this natural sinamay leaves fascinator for a wedding that afternoon. Milliner-on-the-spot!

I learn so many new ways of wearing my pieces from my customers!

...and droppers-by.

This Gatsby Collection fascinator has been waiting patiently for Cybèle and her matching hair. Love!

Talia looked just about perfect when she tried on this headband that I asked her to model it for this photo...

...and this one...

...but this is the one she ultimately chose. Thank you, Talia!

Tracy and Kate came by and played dress-up.

The view down the barn.

The new Mrs. Furtado and her Belle Boutique display of wire-wrapped jewelry and belts.

The lovely Soap Utopia display. Lily herself is camera-shy.

Our next-door vendor neighbour, David Lifson with his photography. Really beautiful work. The indispensable Scott, budding author and no slouch with a camera himself, wagged chins enjoyably with David all day.

The farmers market outside.

Artisinal cheese display. I myself enjoyed a delightful grilled cheese sandwich with homemade ketchup at the Stop Café inside. I recommend it.

Lawyer in a farmers market!

Something for my dog peeps.

Musician the first.


Delicious yarns and their spinner.

Musician the second.

Lots to do on any given Saturday at Wychwood Barns. You should go.

The Tibetan garden. Other nationalities were also represented. I hope the dog was at least part Lhasa. (I amuse myself so... )

Their blinginesses and groomsmen.

The happy couple, listening to their own photographer.

The resulting shot.

The happier couple.

Their blinginesses smile their approval.

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