Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Summer Unofficially Begins!

Last weekend belonged to the late, great Queen Victoria. God bless her memory for having a birthday with which we in Canada mark the unofficial beginning of summer! For three happy and glorious days we open cottages, barbecue, garden (lots and lots of gardening) and set off fireworks, to the delight of children and dismay of dogs.

It was a spectacularly beautiful weekend, too! Three gorgeous days of sun and warm temperatures. Saturday at the Market was pure delight. It was busy, as usual for this long weekend, and people were feeling festive and in need of headgear! Yay!

On with the show...

After much debate and consultation, Susan decided that this was the fascinator-ling that would top off her outfit for an upcoming special occasion.

This is Linda K. Falk and she chose this floral cap, and I'm so glad she did.

Laura in her new braided raffia and distressed sequin band from the new Jess line. I love these! I'm so glad other people do, too.

Alexandra in another band from the Jess line. Lovely.

Pamela Walker chose this jade calla clip to wear to her nephew's wedding that afternoon. Pictures please, Pamela! And thank you again!

Alice is a vendor neighbour who makes and sells cards of her artwork. This is her second Hat by Anne, nice and wide to keep the sun off while she's peddling her wares outside. Many thanks, Alice!

Lillian chose this pink linen trilby with beaded raffia daisies that Adrian modeled last week as a gift. I hope they like it!

Tilly is the daily dog. Look at the pretty smile on her six-month-old corgi face! She is very sweet and very soft.

I also met a lovely big black Lab called Tank Murphy. It used to be just Tank, until his person saw "The Life of Pi" and loved that the tiger's name was Richard Parker.

Meghan chose just the feather pad clip to look especially awesome in her pretty dark hair.

Leah chose this coral organza rose band and rocks it.

Lydia was toying with this hat, and I asked her to model it for me. I think they make a lovely couple, myself.

Salome arrived wearing one of my bands, and left having chosen this one, too. Poor thing, I wish she'd come out of her shell and get over her fear of bright colours...

Victoria Day means tag day for the naval cadets. They are usually female, and ooh and ahhh over our girly merch which is not part of the uniform. Sometimes they come back in civvies and do some shopping at a later date. This young lady was very efficient at her job. I hope her superiors take notice.

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