Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Winds of Change

It was another pretty dang nice day at St. Lawrence Market last Saturday. They were calling for all kinds of chilliness in the day's forecast, but the reality was quite a bit warmer, and lots of sun. So yay!

It was fiercely windy at times, though. My poor tent neighbour, Erin, who is selling the Miaow people's jewelry lately for Mark, had a custom display panel blown to the ground, which didn't do it much good. And the indispensable Scott and I had to hang on hard to our gridwall panels a couple of times, despite their eminent porousness. On my table, hats on styrofoam heads got blown over more often than I could count. Necessity is a mother, however, and I've devised a fiendish plan to prevent such occurrences in the future. I'll try it out next time and hope it works. Then I'll tell you, because I'm sure you won't be able to eat or sleep until I do.

(Sometimes I talk like this. Just ignore me.)

This just in: Strawberries! The farmers' market had them, at long last. Hurray! I'm so tired of eating apples at breakfast.

Business began with with Lynn, who was a pleasure to talk to. She bought a raffia and distressed sequin band as a gift. Then a looooong time passed before the next customer, but then the day's activity really picked up. So yay again!

Meghan, who bought a feather pad fascinator from me last week, brought her sister, Jessica, to choose something for herself. It's always the biggest compliment when that happens! I'm so happy and proud when someone likes something I've made enough to recommend me to their nearest and dearest. Thanks again, ladies! (And please remember your promise about emailing me photos of yourselves in my pieces at your upcoming event!)

I also had a nice chat with a lady from Newfoundland. We bonded a bit over our mutual admiration for Threads magazine. She kindly bought a lace fascinator, one of my higher end pieces, as a gift. This one was special to me because I used a piece of vintage Parisian lace on it. It's a precious Art Deco-era remnant, off the last bolt passed along to me, from my father's family's factory where they made very elegant lingerie, long ago in Toronto.

Mid-afternoon brought a very large parade of demonstrators against GMO food and Monsanto, a most usual suspect. They seemed to circle the block, tying up traffic for a good hour. The main thing is I was still able to cut through to the south market to get my pizza slice for lunch. There is always something going on down here, some kind of show.

Speaking of which, let's proceed with this one:

My Gatsby fascinators on display. I will post a wee piece on these soon.

Jessica, in her new sinamay leaves fascinator. The one that made her squeal, not the other one.

Irina in her new lace disc band, that looks so fabulous in her beautiful, dark hair.

Jo-Ann chose this saucy little trilby with brass ball chain trim. And I'm very glad she did.

The anti-Monsanto demonstration wending its way along Front Street.

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