Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Flying Colours

Late spring has been been beautiful chez nous. For Mothers' Day the cats (fur children) gave me a floral shopping spree. I filled the back planter with colourful annuals. Le voila:

That was so much fun I followed with a vertical herb garden. The indispensable Scott installed some lattice above the planter and I made wire holders for little terra cotta pots, comme ├ža:

Lunches just got more delicious.

The lilac and lily of the valley scented the air beyond all repair for their brief season. It's my nose's favourite time of year.

The back yard has been visited by baby squirrels and even some baby raccoons. All in all, delightful distractions from millinery pursuits abound.

I prefer to think that my creative juices are being replenished by these sensual onslaughts. I've been re-energized for making things to order and for the collection.

Melissa is taking this one to a wedding in Scotland this summer:

She's promised to send photos from the event, and I promise to share them when she does.

Lucie asked for a similar design to wear to an afternoon tea shower, where fascinators were mandatory. Custom dyeing produced the fabulous aubergine shade required.

Here's the finished piece:

And since the Queen's Plate is just around the corner, I made a hat that would be right at home at Hats and Horseshoes:

I've finally selected my own Queen's Plate outfit, and must get back to making the headpiece to top it off. Wish me luck!

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