Friday, 1 July 2016

They're At the Post...

The Queen's Plate is this Sunday, as is Hats & Horseshoes. I look forward to it all year. It's an opportunity to go for millinery broke, dress up and swan about. There is music, and food and drink, and you can enter or watch best-dressed competitions. Oh, and there are the races, of course.

There is also a millinery design competition. I was invited to participate in its inaugural year. And much to my astonishment, I won first prize!

Nowadays I simply make something competition-calibre, and wear it to the party. It's all the fun, and none of the pressure. And I cheer on the finalists in the design competition.

So here is a brief recap in photos of me and my work at the Queen's Plate up to now. Stay tuned after Sunday, July 3, for photos of this year's Hats & Horseshoes.

The winning hat, 2014. Par moi.

The hard-to photograph plaque.

Juliana, and the fascinator I made for her that year for the Queen's Plate, at the Queen's Plate.

Natasha and Ron on the red carpet, 2015.

The hat I made for Natasha.

Me and Northern Dancer, 2015.

Mon chapeau chez moi.

Carolyn and the fascinator she'll be wearing this year!

And as for me? I'll show you my hat after the race on Sunday. Stay tuned!