Saturday, 15 May 2010

I'm Baaaaack!

It seems like I've been waiting forever to get my spring/summer sales season underway at St. Lawrence Market. But now I'm back ! Finally!

It was not the sunny, warm day that was promised (I'm lookin' at you, CTV News and the Toronto Star), but it did not rain, and that was the main part. The foot traffic was about what you'd expect on such a day. Nevertheless, I had a most encouraging start and my work cut out for next week (well, as soon as I actually cut it out).

It was good to see other vendor friends from last year and meet some new ones. I have a nice spot near Front Street, right beside the fountain, which should be my perch for the next several weeks. So come on down and tell your hat-loving friends, too!

The pooch at the top of this post is Bruno. 10 weeks old. Cutest. Thing. Ever. Let me pick him up and kissed me and kissed me. I was a goner.

Em, left, and her twin sister Jessica, who's having me make her a black wide-brimmed hat like the green one she's modeling. Em bought the water resistant bucket hat she's wearing.

France bought this ecru brocade trilby, my newest design, to keep the sun off her face while she sells her adorable knitted children's caps.

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