Saturday, 22 May 2010

Victoria's Rain

It's Victoria Day Weekend and we're celebrating her reign with precipitation. Not thunderously, just drippily. Cottages and gardens claimed their share of the population, but at St. Lawrence Market we bravely soldiered on regardless. Thank goodness for our tents! When it rained we just pulled our table under and stayed dry, and open for business.

Many visitors to our table today, starting with Ella, who was in her pajamas. She made a beeline for the coral hat and flower, the latter of which her mum kindly bought for her. Such a shy child; I do wish she'd come out of her shell just a bit.

This is Daryl. The man knows how to wear a hat and how to look at life.

Eric, Megan and Cameron. Pretty cute, for children.

Lauren. Girl fashionista. Takes after her mum.

Lindsey, who's taking this black and white embroidered hat to live in Dallas.

Kelly, who's taking this embellished hairband to see Conan O'Brien's show. Wee!

This young lady's braces match this hat's ribbons. How fun is that?

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