Tuesday, 3 May 2016

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It's May! I'm in the pink.

With spring comes a fresh wave of enquiries for headwear for upcoming events, and visitors to my workroom.

Ada (right) and her bridesmaid Cheryln came by recently. I’m working on Ada’s fascinator for her restaurant wedding this summer. She’s chosen a delicious palette and a beautiful dress. I’m looking forward to showing you more after Ada sends me photos of the big event.

I love the restaurant wedding thing. It’s a relaxed, intimate alternative that embraces more personalization and colour, especially on brides.

The very same day, I got a message from Mandisa, who needed a fascinator for a baby shower the following weekend. Turns out she’s a neighbour, and lives just down my street! Good thing my little workroom was still visitor-tidy. Mandisa and her two adorable kidlets popped over and played a bit of dress-up. I was able to customize a piece already made with some new red feathers and drop it off to her. Mandisa kindly sent along a photo of her dressed-up self. Thanks, Mandisa!

Melissa needs a fascinator to wear to a wedding in Scotland. She’s never worn one before. She brought along her cousin-in-law Aileen to our meeting on the weekend.

It’s great to bring a friend with you when you’re meeting someone like me, to have a custom piece made. The moral support is reassuring, of course, and it’s just more fun.*

Melissa likes my latest fascinator design.

But our meeting lit a spark and she's bursting with ideas. Our collaboration is off to an exuberant start!

Speaking of exuberant, a fit of spring-inspired such inspired these two pieces:

They’re sitting on a shelf, waiting for a home.

Switching brain sides: When I was doing some dyeing recently, I used up the last of the soda ash, or sodium carbonate, which is used as a fixative. Then I learned by happenstance that it’s possible to make it yourself at home, just with baking soda! Who knew a mere civilian could do such a thing? Here’s me with the before and after, and a little costuming for dramatic effect:

Saves some money and a trip downtown.

Ta-ta for now!

* Especially when Aileen was telling us about a family connection to Tom Patterson, the founder of the Stratford Festival. His wife, Patricia Scott Patterson, was a costumer and business partner of Barbara Matera, renowned on Broadway and beyond. She dressed Mick Jagger (who sat in her kitchen in Toronto, drinking tea, waiting for his pants to be finished) and made Hillary Clinton's first inauguration ball gown.

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