Friday, 26 October 2012

Second-last Saturday

The second-to-last Saturday of the season came and went.  Of course it was chilly and of course rained, but it was sunny first thing.  Just enough to make a few sales before we had to dive for cover for an initial cloud burst.  After that, it looked like it was going to be clear again, but the clouds came back and the rain with them.  We packed it up early and went to a movie studio wardrobe sale instead.  (I got some excellent unblocked hat bodies for a fabulous price!  Thanks, universe!)

Sachi in her cozy new tucked toque.
The Lemon Bucket Orkestre has bookended my Market season:  there at the beginning and again at the end; not so much in between.
The two members who came, and their lady clown.
A Schnauzer and his friend.
Another bearded terrier.
Hat by Anne, bling by Salome.
Rain on my iridescent tablecloth.  And so farewell.

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