Thursday, 11 October 2012

Thanks, Thanksgiving!

It was my first Thanksgiving weekend selling at St. Lawrence Market last Saturday.  They tell me it's traditionally the busiest day of the year for the farmers and food sellers, even bigger than the festive season.  If it was, the extra crowds were sticking to the farmers' stalls, inside the building and outside, hidden around the corner from us.  Inside the north market building they had hung jolly banners from the ceiling, which gave the place a jolly holiday atmosphere.  Fall harvest was abundant, and there were still strawberries and haricots verts, which was fantastic.  How lucky we are to have such bounty to choose from for our Thanksgiving feasts.  Thank you, kind universe!

Outside it was darn chilly!  But you wouldn't know it from some of the people passing by, of which there were still a goodly number.  Sensible folk were wearing jackets and scarves and,yes, hats and caps, but there was a contingent wearing shorts and flip flops and T-shirts.  Even little kids!  Either they came from arctic regions, or they were in deep denial about the season.  Looking at them made me feel so much colder!  Brrrr....

Anyhoo, it was a really good day for me!  (Better than the photographic evidence would suggest.  Lots of my customers are camera shy.)  It was fun, too.  People were in a good mood.  That busker was back, and this time I made sure to get his card so I could mention his name, which is Jaffa.  He's from Haiti.  His real name is Dieufaite, which means, if my French isn't too rusty, God made.  Isn't that lovely?  We like his music, and he's a good sport, too.

I met another musician, who came by with a friend to admire my work.  He just looked like a musician.  His name is fiZ.  His name suits his pretty music.  Pop!  Bet he was sorry he chose that chilly weekend to be away from his steady gig oceanside in California.

It was a good day to eat pretzels from Oodles of Strudels, whose creations I can wholeheartedly endorse.  So I did, and shared them around.  They come in handy for harried moms who don't always get breakfast, like my vendor neighbour, Maria.

On with the show:

.My table in the pretty early morning light.
The banners inside the farmers' market building.

Julieta's family bought her this hat as an early Christmas present, and a bracelet from Salome, too.  They were so nice!  It was a great start to the day.  Thanks, everyone!
Here's a photo of all of us that Julieta's daughter Jaquie sent me afterwards.  Tha's their friend Becky on the right.
Just look at him!  What a sweetheart.
Jaffa, playing his recorder and giving his singing voice a rest....
...and later with an appreciative audience.
Elana, so pretty in her new felt disc band.
Revy, short for Revelstoke, waiting for his mom to stop talking to Salome.
Different dog, same story
Karena, looking fab in her new purple bucket.
One of a handful of wedding parties who came by.  Oh sure, it looks all warm and stuff, but no!  It was darn cold!  Every bride said through chattering teeth, "It's not so bad!"  Brave, deluded souls.
Lucy, in her new cap.  Very cozy!

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