Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hot Lips and Monkey Millinery

Another gorgeous day last Saturday at the market of St. Lawrence.  Not too hot, just beautiful.  The week before was nice, too, but pretty quiet.  I'm including photos from July 21 in this post.

An early sale set an optimistic tone for the day to come.  Salome's hot pink lipstick kept it going.  Like a teenager, I insisted on trying it on.  She's right -- bright lipstick makes you smile more.

Salome borrowed my camera and snapped pictures all over the park, making her the guest photographer of this post.  Most of the shots below are by her.

She had also dyed her hair at least two outrageous colours, but not nearly as lurid as her Facebook photos showed them.  Quite lurid enough, though.  She is taking a couple of weeks off, first to watch her sister get married in Vancouver.  Whatever shall we do without the kween?  Bear up as best as we can, I suppose.  But who's going to feed me snacks of fresh fruits and veggies??  That's the real question.

Roberto forgot his lucky sign.  We did what we could to mitigate things.  Scott bought a photo from him, at long last.  Subject:  the Market, what else?  Roberto has many shots of iconic locations about town that speak to us in varying degrees, but the one we chose is relevant to our lives right now.  Besides, it's where we met Roberto, so it's doubly significant.  It's a cool shot, as are they all;  he's made the background buildings out of focus so the south Market building looks like a model.  Scott makes exquisite model cars, so he liked that a lot.

Since there are a lot, let's just cut right to the photos, shall we?

Here's Joyce, who got my day off to a good start with her purchase of this felt flower band.  That's Roberto's sign-less table of framed photos behind her.

Two friends by the fountain
Jessie, who bought this band on July 21.  Thanks, Jessie!
Jennifer, who had me make this fascinator to wear to a wedding.  Thank you, Jenn!
Heather, my best friend since high school, came by July 21 to drop something off and stayed awhile, which was the high point of the day.  Thanks, Heather!
One of Aunt Lizzie's sock monkeys in a charming woolly cap.
And another one.
And another one, feeling much cooller than the previous two in his seasonally appropriate straw.
Jay, who played dress-up for a minute, remains unconvinced he's a hat guy.  But he looks so good in this one!
Maria looking somewhat dubious.
Roberto's table again.
Julia, in her new wide brimmed linen hat with the silver paint circle stamps, which she handles with great authority.  Thanks, Julia!
Charlie, a charmer, with the indispensable Scott enjoying the view.  He's not too bad, either.
A view down the park.
Gorgeous fresh field tomatoes, from the farmers of the north market.  Su.  Perb,
Visitors to my table.
Trying on a fascinator.
Me in front of my table.  I'm dead chuffed with my new bronze wide brimmed straw on the right, atop the hat boxes.  Come see it and buy it!

I had two shots to choose from of this particular moment.  I chose the family rated one.  Salome, my hat, her display form and necklace.
The lovely Marina, who loved this creased sinamay beret with the roses from England enough to make it her own.  I couldn't imagine a more perfect new owner for it.  Thanks, Marina!
Marina and her fella, Kris.  Such a handsome couple.
And finally, two goofy ladies bid you adieu.  Matching lipstick and neocortex.

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