Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Simcoe Daze

The August long weekend has passed and it was the hottest day yet at St. Lawrence Market.  Thank goodness for the Market Street breeze, wafting up the hill from the lake and doing its best to keep us cool.

Being Simcoe Day weekend, the costumed people were out in force, in their long dresses and woolen uniforms, poor things.  They are very stoically sweltering as they performed amusing songs of the period on the wee stage in the park.  I saw "Laura Secord" later, in her street clothes.  She must have felt much better after shedding that hot costume.

The divine Ms. Salome is out west for her sister's wedding.  The lovely Tracy Crandall and her excellent crocheted bags of hemp and recycled fabrics were my neighbour for the day.  She was good company, especially since she had brought a spray bottle to spritz us with as needed, which was often.  Very cooling and much appreciated.

My tent neighbour, Mark, also provided cooling in the form of folding fans he distributed to the ladies.  What a lovely thing to do!  Also much appreciated was Roberto and his son, Severus, distributing cold bottles of water to all.  Seriously, I love my Market neighbours.  You should all come and buy things from them because they have wonderful merchandise and are wonderful people.

Despite the long weekend, the heat, and the thin crowd, it was a pretty good day.  Herewith the photos:

Okay, this is from Tuesday of last week.  The indispensable Scott and I happened by when we caught a what looks like a commercial for Buskerfest in the works.
A shot of a shot.  And then my batteries died.
The fan from Mark.  Pretty, and very helpful.
Mick, a seven-week-old Golden Retriever puppy. All the cute there is.
I was in the right place at the right time, as Marina needed a fascinator for a wedding.  For that afternoon.  Glad to help!

I couldn't resist borrowing Lesley to pose in this cap.
I had a lovely chat with this adorable pooch's "mum", but do you think I can remember the name?  Nope.  Sorry, pooch and pooch's mum!  Email me and I'll rectify this tout de suite!
This one I never met, so I don't have to fell guilty about forgetting the name.  Charm for days.
The singing, sweltering costumed people reminding us about the War of 1812, especially on Simcoe Day weekend.
Other entertainers last Saturday were these guys across the street.  Very good, they were, and not repetitious!  Extra marks!
After some hemming and hawing, Catherine decided to buy this one.  Thanks, Catherine!
Linda chose this raffia braid circle band with silvery tints, and I'm very glad she did.  Merci!

And finally, an Instagram photo from Ms. Salome wearing the fascinator I made for her to wear to her sister Joao's wedding.  O quão bela!  Obrigado, Senhora!  (Obrigado, Google Translate!)

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