Monday, 27 August 2012

Ironic Iterations

That's what Ken, Salome's husband, termed my taking photographs of photographers last Saturday.  He manages the bookstore at OCAD, so I figure he must know what to call such things.  St. Lawrence Market has lots of visitors any given weekend, and they're snapping away, as I do, only more so.  So I took pictures of some of them.

It was just gorgeous on Saturday, August 18, and Salome (and Ken) were back from their visit to Vancouver for Salome's sister's wedding.  So the atmosphere was more festive than it is without her.  Plus, she shares slices of luscious fresh veggies from the farmers' market, which is absolutely lovely.

On with the show...

This is Molly, in her natural environment.  Pink.

This busker is very charming.  Musically, I mean.  His playing evokes in me a similar feeling as Iz Kamakawiwo'ole's ukulele version of "Over the Rainbow" does.  Melt!  Sniff!

Ironic iteration the first.

Heather, who modeled this head band that looked so good with her dress.
Ironic iteration #2.
The voodoo strawberry (by Salome, who else?) is back.  Well, how do you keep your hat pins?

 Elephants.  All day long I was seeing elephant images, on garments, as art, all kinds of ways.  What is the universe trying to tell me?
Ironic iteration #3.
Shirley Granick in her new cap, which she loves because of the blingy chain trim. We hit it off famously, did Shirley and I.  A delightful episode of the day.  Thanks, Shirley!
Nicole, whose lace cardigan looked so perfect with the vintage lace trimmed straw bucket that she kindly modeled it for me.
  Ironic iteration the last.
Maria never wears long dresses to work at the Market, nor black ones.  Until this time.  She looked so dishy I just had to capture the moment.
And finally, the taupe straw with the vintage lace has found a forever home with Nancy, who wanted something special.  Thanks, Nancy!

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