Friday, 20 July 2012

Allons, Enfants

Bastille Day came and went at St. Lawrence Market last Saturday without incident.  No storming by people or weather, no Madame Defarge sock monkeys knitting beside little guillotines, no Marseillaise being sung... except by me.  I always sing it to myself on July 14.  The first verse only.  It's all I know.  It's very bloodthirsty.  And I'm really not, being a vegetarian.

We did have a visiting piano for a brief time, one of the forty-one painted by various artists as part of the "Play Me, I'm Yours" project to promote the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.  It was right beside the fountain.  It was blue.  It had writing.  I was too busy to go and get a close look, and missed my photo op.  They are supposed to be open and playable, but the indispensable Scott tells me ours wasn't.  How frustrating.  Next time I looked, it was gone.  I hope it comes back, in a more welcoming mood.

What else....

Slogans.  On T-shirts mostly.  For some reason I registered them quite often.  Some examples:

"I don't think much, therefore I can't be much."  Awwww....
"I invalidate warranties."  Um, what?
"I'm here for the opening bands."  Yay!
"I'm paid to look this good."  On a little kid.

Now back to our regular scheduled program.
My first visitor of the day, looking like he's climbing out of my bag.

The wonderful Linda Chamberlain in her latest investment, a pink button fascinator.  Apparently the sculpted parasisal one she bought went over a treat at a fundraising event .  Yay!  I love that kind of feedback!
Darwin, a very sweet Rottweiler.  He enjoys long walks on the beach.  As do I.  No wonder we got along.
Sonia.  I am unfamiliar with her likes and dislikes, but I liked her just fine anyway.
Azi modeling my vintage-y taupe straw.  What a pretty couple they make.
This kid is a good guitar player.  He regaled us with selections from the Jimi Hendrix song book.
Dogs and kids.  Gotta love 'em.
Margaret, a customer from last year, back again for a new hat.  She glows in it!
How I love a big, shaggy sheepdog with a goofy sheepdog smile.
A tiny dog and Salome's disembodied hand.

And, finally, Carrie.  She knew me as an assistant to another milliner and very kindly looked me up at the Market, wanting to see my own creations.  She did me the compliment of investing in this sinamay creased beret in the ever-so-popular shade I call Fred (because it's fuchsia and red).  Thank you very much, Carrie!   

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