Monday, 2 July 2012

Brothers and Others

June ended in a sweat at the Market.  It was a hot one on Saturday.  In the morning there was a nice breeze, but it died down just when the sun was at its brightest angle over our tent.  Thankfully it wasn't humid.

It was pretty quiet for the long weekend.  For one thing, Salome wasn't there.  She's kind of a party unto herself, and her absence always makes for a more somber day.  What crowds there were died down as the heat rose.  I can't blame them.  Every time I ventured into the coolness of the farmers' market, usually to refill my water bottle, it was an increasing challenge to emerge again.  How I wished I was small or canine and therefore eligible for fountain-frolicking.  (Regular readers may detect a theme here.)

A few nice people came by, though, and some very nice things happened.  The biggest surprise was the unannounced visit by Scott's brother Chris and Chris's wife, Wendy.  It made quite an impact because they live in California, and hadn't let anyone know they were coming.  They just strolled up and there they were.  What a hoot!  Too bad Scott had left for his midday retreat.  But I had the fun of showing them my table and giving them advice on what to check out while they were at the Market.  Of course, we'll have a proper visit with them over Indian food sometime this week.  (Did you know Indian food is very hard to come by in San Clemente?  Well, now you do.)

Mary (she of the coral trilby a couple of weeks back) walked by in her hat, walking her cute dog, Marlowe.  Soon afterwards, her sister came to choose one of my hats.  I'm making one for her.  So that's the second person close to Mary who had to have a Hat by Anne!  Yay, Mary!  Yay, Susan and Sina!  Referrals are so wonderfully flattering and make me feel very blessed.

Another lovely moment came when Suzanne, a makeup artist, came by to tell me a client for whom she had bought one of my embellished hair bands just loved it.  Music to my ears!  So thoughtful of Suzanne to take the time to do that.

So on with this week's show:

Donna, first customer of the day, rocking her new trilby.  I call it "Frank Sinatra Visits Sesame Street."  Cool, but playful.  And quite a mouthful.
Chris and Wendy!  If you squinch your eyes very tightly, you might just make out me taking the photo, reflected in Chris's glasses.  Or you could just take my word for it.  Your eyes will thank you.
Sam in her new organza bow band.  A good thing to have to keep the hair out of one's eyes on a hot day.
Brave, hot, woolly, pretend soldiers.  These people are stoicism itself, I'm telling you.  And so gracious.
Aunt Lizzie's little orange and pink sock monkey felt an affinity to this cap, for some reason, so he hung with us for a while.
The lovely and talented Maria, who makes beautiful silver jewelry and her own enamel, flattered me by choosing this raffia disc band.  Her market cart is beside Salome to the west.  I'm beside Salome on the east.  Got that?  There may be a quiz later.
 The daily dog is a double dose of Westie, for which I am a complete sucker.  This terrible twosome gave what for to any other dog with the temerity to frolic in the fountain.  Maybe because they weren't allowed to, themselves.  I love a bad boy, if mostly canine.
Living on the edge.

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