Sunday, 24 June 2012

Art and "Waderlust"

First there were dogs, then came the strawberries, now art has descended on the park next to the farmers' market at St. Lawrence Market.  Of course, there always is on Saturdays, but yesterday there was a special contingent of canvasses.  The park was full of vendors of all kinds, and many beautiful paintings.  Lots of eye candy for the many visitors to enjoy.

Again, the weather was most co-operative.  After a three-day heat wave, the weather had changed to seasonally nice, instead of psycho-hot.  The sun was beaming on Saturday, but a nice breeze up Market Street provided relief. Of course, the pups and kids were happy to cool off in the fountain.  It's too tempting to join them, but I remain landlocked during my weekly display.  More's the pity...


I was barely set up before I made my first sale, a diskette fascinator in a shade I've named "Fred" -- half fuchsia and half red.  (I'm heavily into dyeing this season.  It's very addictive.)  So that was a nice way to start the day.

One of my fascinators is going to the Queen's Plate!  Of course, it had to be my all-time favourite, and to a lady who declined to have me take her picture.  But she kindly promised to email one of herself at the race.  Fingers crossed she remembers.  I will miss it, but I'm glad it has a grand occasion (and possibly last) to go to.  But I'm making a new one, but in red, for a special order for a very special customer.

Joanna Sipos was there!  She's the bella behind Belle Boutique.  This was the first time this season she brought down her lovely wire-wrapped jewelry and her signature bright pink display.  She's as nice as she is talented.  Salome and I are big fans.  Salome often gives Joanna a hand at the One of A Kind Shows, where Joanna has been doing great business every spring and fall.  I hope we'll get to see her again before too long.

Salome is doing out-of-town shows here and there this summer, contributing to my mounting sense of wanderlust .  (I just typed "waderlust" by mistake.  Thoughts, Dr. Freud?)  Katherine of Bumblebee Jewelry will be on the road a lot, too.  I'll see her on the last weekend of August in Amherstburg, on the Detroit River, as I did last summer.  But she'll be quite a few other summery places in the meantime, making me hanker for a tent and a billet and a more portable life in general.  Must work on that.

But I really wish I could be in two places at once.  I love Saturdays at the Market, seeing my friends, meeting new and returning customers, and breathing that farmers' market smell.

On with the show!

This is Amanda, who relieved me of the "Fred" diskette.  It looks especially awesome in her vibrantly dyed hair.

Nives in her red, white and blue fascinator.  (And my camera still works, thank you, Nives!)

Alina chose this band of straw braid disks.  Pretty and casual.

Linda Chamberlain is back!  The lady who loves pink chose this swirly sculpted straw hat, which she kept on.  She came back to tell me about the many compliments she and the hat were getting.  Music to my ears!

When I first met Linda, I knew she was something special, but I didn't know she was a hero.  Read all about her in this story by the Toronto Star's Catherine Porter.

Elaine in her new pleated and beaded aqua band, receiving moral support from her friends.


 More art.

And, finaly, here is Susan.  Friends with Mary, who bought the pink Trilby last week, Susan emailed me to say how much she liked Mary's hat and made a point of coming down to meet me (walking Mary's dog, Marlowe) and choose this one for herself!  What a compliment! Thanks, Susan!  I hope to see you and Mary in your Hats by Anne, walking Marlowe again very soon!

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