Thursday, 21 June 2012

Monkey War Berries Day

I played hooky last week.  It was supposed to rain all day, and it was Woofstock, which meant lots and lots of doggies and the people who love them, all concentrating on dogginess.  Bless them all, but as I've mentioned before, I do not make fascinators for dogs.  It also meant that we vendors would be squished under the overhang of the farmers' market building, which is a dank and gloomy location on rainy days.

So I called it.  And by all reports, it was a good thing to have done.  I slept in, which I haven't done in ages.  Sheer bliss!  Therapeutic, too  And then the indispensable Scott and I ventured to the annual Beach craft show, in our own neighbourhood, to see what we could see.  Rather hoping to encounter Jacqui Uza and her husband George, my peripatetic friends from Windsor, who were at the event last year selling Jacqui's gorgeous little knitted, beaded bags.  But they weren't there.  Probably in Bahrain or something.  Seriously, they do get around.

But I was back at the Market with bells on last Saturday.  Inside the south market the Strawberry Festival was happening, apparently, but outside it was the War of 1812.  Brave souls donned many layers of costume, including woolen coats for the men, and strolled about picturesquely. These two kindly posed with their sock monkey counterparts, the wonderful work of Aunt Lizzie's Needlework Company, my other tent neighbour.  They tell us we'll be seeing them throughout the summer (humans and sock monkeys), so for their sake, let's pray for moderate temperatures.

It was another lovely day, but not crazy hot as it is as I type this.  Not frabjous, as last year's Strawberry Festival was, but just fine, thank you.  I wore my strawberry fascinator to get into the spirit of the day.

 The fountain was back!  Dogs and kids were very happy about that. 
 The park was very full of visitors and vendors to visit.  The view from my tent.

Looking up from my tent.

Mary, first customer of the day, looking fab in her new linen Trilby.  I dyed the hat fabric myself.  (The madras print band, not so much.)
 Elyse, in her new organza rose band.  I'm loving me some organza this season, and I'm not alone.

Giselle Long, from the north market office, carrying  balloons to the south market, where the strawberry festivity was taking place.

Natasha, Katerina and Dimitria looking lovely for their photo op.

It was hot enough for my tent neighbour Mark to change into these awesome Chinese farmer's sandals.  How I want them.
So now imagine how hot these brave souls must be. Yet they smile and pose obligingly.  That's the kind of spirit that won us the war of 1812.

 This cool cat with the amazing eyes garnered his share of attention, out to take the air, calmly perched atop his person's shoulders.
Pat Campbell rocking her new grey linen bucket.
  Natsuko looking fresh and lovely in her wavy straw band.  
Iris visited my table earlier in the day, hemming and hawing between two linen wide brimmed hats, or the possibility of a custom made one.  She came back in time for Natsuko to help her decide on this gold one. The colour suits her so well and the wide brim keeps her pretty face out of the sun.
   The almost obligatory shot of Salome, here sporting the fascinator she chose before I had even put it on display. Just the thing to go with these particular specs, of which she has quite the wardrobe.

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