Sunday, 3 June 2012

Seasonal Correction

I guess  the gorgeous weather couldn't last forever.  May ended in a very cranky mood, bringing wind, rain and chill, dragging the beginning of June down with it.  Saturday was dull and cool-ish, but at least the rain held off while we were selling hats and hair toys at St. Lawrence Market.  There were many vendor absences, and who could blame them?  The weather was not very promising.  The indispensable Scott and I have a policy of heading Market-wards on Saturdays unless it's actually raining when we wake up.

It paid off this weekend.  There were fewer people about than there were for the last two weekends, but that was okay.  Some very nice ones came to see me and my work, play dress up, say lovely things and sometimes make a purchase.  I was up very late the night before trying to get as much finished as possible for Saturday, and I was feeling rather tired.  (Actually, I felt hung over, and I wasn't.)  So a quieter day suited me just fine.

Next week is Woofstock.  Doggies in costumes and stark naked and the people who love them.  My table will be squished under the overhang of the North Market building.  No, I don't sell hats or fascinators for dogs.  Not even corgis.  (HRH reference for jubilant royal watchers.  Did you see the flotilla on the Thames today?  Awesome!)  So come on down and enjoy the poochy fun!

Not many people went for the photo op, so I just have two photos to share today:

Katelyn and Julie and their beautiful smiles in their new headbands -- raffia discs and an organza bow.
After much deliberation. Elizabeth chose this one and one other.  And excellent choices they were, too.  The colour really suits her.

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