Friday, 13 July 2012

Crafters 1, Rain 0

We faced down the rain on Saturday and won.

It was raining when we were packing to leave for St. Lawrence Market.  "What should we do?" I asked the indispensable Scott.  "We go!"  he declared, and so we did.  And he was quite right;  the rain had no commitment whatsoever.  It sprinkled listlessly and was on its way before we had finished setting up.  Rain these days, no work ethic at all, I'm telling you...

No far-flung family members showed up unexpectedly this week.  Ours were taking in the Molson Honda Indy at the Exhibition grounds, or trying to.  The event calls for road closures in the west end that we like to blame for low Market foot traffic.  But it really was not very busy on Saturday.  Even some of the farmers in the farmers' market left early.

Herewith the weekly show:

Here is Jessica, in her new raffia braid circle band that's going to live in Hawaii.  My products live much more interesting lives than I do.

Lulu!  She's so small that Salome called her a chiweewee.

Lulu and her peeps.

Aren't these awesome?  Bubbles and ducky and kewpie doll.

I'd never seen a baby hod before.

Roberto's cool new sign, almost as cool as his photography.

Another Saturday, another pair of wet kids.
Sarah in the new braided raffia band that looks so great with her colouring.

 More art.

An intrepid one-legged pigeon we loved.

And, finally, Salome with Henry, a cockapoo pup of great charm.  Henry, if you're reading this, don't be a stranger!

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  1. Aloha! I have worn your beautiful raffia headband almost every day for the last month! Its my new favourite accessory. I get so many compliments on it too! Thanks Anne!