Wednesday, 3 August 2011

July Bye-Bye

July went out with a bang at the Market. Gorgeous weather and a good day for sales, Caribbean Carnival (the festival formerly known as Caribana) and long weekend notwithstanding. I wasn't at the Market on this weekend last year, so it was interesting to see what it would be like.

It was good! We had some friends drop by our tent to say hi, which is always nice, and there were more vendors than usual, which gave us all new things to look at and covet. Like ballerina bunny toys and big tissue paper pom-poms which were all kinds of jolly. I was tempted to grab a pair and lead everyone in a cheer, until sober second thought kicked in. (I was also sorely tempted to jump in the fountain and cool off with the dogs and little kids, but once again, that pesky maturity interfered.) Graham, above, didn't have any such scruples about modeling one of Elise's new hair toys. Go Graham!

Here is the rest of this week's gallery:

Lindsey and Danica played dress-up in fascinators....

...but Sarah made the Queen of Hearts-ish strawberry fascinator hers!

Alice chose this wide-brimmed silver striped hat with the chain band.

Jean in her new blue patchwork hat.

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