Sunday, 21 August 2011

Brain Flowers and the Fountain of Youths*

The universe smiled once again on St. Lawrence Market the Saturday of this weekend, providing lovely weather and enough foot traffic to not notice this was the first weekend of the Canadian National Exhibition, or the Ex as we call it. This means that summer is winding down, in case the shortening days wasn't clue enough. I remain firmly in denial. Summer is way too short up here to kiss it goodbye before absolutely necessary.

Little kids, like Isabella (with her dad, Adam, above) were playing in the fountain with the dogs, and I wasn't. This is so wrong. I think I need to borrow a child to have an excuse to wade. A jazz duo serenaded a baby. Lots of pretty summer dresses walked by, held up by equally pretty women and girls. I bought some flowers that look like brains because they went with my table.

It was a really good day. Everyone seemed to be in an up mood and sales were going well. More like this, please!

On with the show:
Patrica in one of the two hats she bought.

And in the other one.

Caridad posed for me in this pink slouch cloche she was trying on.

Dog days of summer.

Lovely Mariam models a band that goes smashingly with her dress.

Brain flowers. If anyone would care to elucidate me as to what their proper name is, I will update this post.

Marie was very pleasant company as she chose which poorboy cap to make her own. She decided on this one.

Paula Corbett and one of her amazing puppets. This one is a Scotty dog. She had a Scottish punk puppet in a kilt and green mohawk that found its forever home yesterday. How I shall miss it...

That jazz duo and that baby.

It's high time I showed off Salome's creations again. She is an artist and she creates in many media. For the Market she makes jewelry which she crochets in wire and semi-precious stones and beads, in gorgeous colour combinations. And monsters! Big ones, little ones, and itty-bitty ones. You should buy them. Many do, you know.

Just as I thought I was done for the day, Judy comes along and bought my grandest hat. She's an interior designer. I always get a special thrill when an artist invests in me. Thank you, Judy!

*I couldn't decide which title I liked best for this post, so I used both.

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