Sunday, 14 August 2011

Clear the Track, Here Comes Shack!*

Eddie Shack came by my table! Okay, not of his own volition, but because I asked him to. Eddie (or Mr. Shack as I humbly addressed him) is a Saturday morning fixture at St. Lawrence Market. He is an alumnus of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team, back in the 1960s when they used to win the Stanley Cup with boring regularity. The team won five times between 1960 and 1967, then never since. Good times, good times...

Anyhoo, we see him every week, supporting his favourite vendors and being extremely gracious to everyone.

This Saturday the always sartorially stylin' Mr. S. was wearing this amazing autographed cowboy chapeau, so I asked him if he would drop by my portable hat shop and have his picture taken. So he did! The indispensable Scott was thrilled, because he's a Canadian male and therefore a hockey fan. (Yes, it's almost that much of a given.)

Eddie's hat was covered by autographs of heroes of hockey and other sports, including "Mr. Hockey" Gordie Howe, and Gordie's wife, Colleen; legendary ex-Leaf Red Kelly; golfer Moe Norman; basketball legend "Dr. J" Julius Erving; extremely cute ex-Blue Jay Kelly Gruber, and oodles more. Really a sports fan's bonanza.

As if that wasn't enough, Eddie pointed out that he was wearing a Stanley Cup ring. I had to snap that, too. Oooh! So big! So blingy!

And you know what else I just found out while Googling Eddie? He started his hockey career playing for the Guelph Biltmores, named after that city's famous hatters! How perfectly perfect is that?

So that was a good start to the day! The winning streak continued with two purchases right off the bat (or hockey stick), which is always so encouraging, and ended with one just as I was packing up. It was a really good day. The weather stayed excellent, no corn smokily roasting nearby (which is why I played hooky last week), the customers kept coming, and the full moon didn't repercuss badly at all! (Yes, yes, Spell Check, I know, I know... )

* Title of a #1 hit pop song by Douglas Rankine with the Secrets.

And on with the show!
The Hat. All sports fans bow down.

The Ring. And a very nice manicure. Man- icure.

Maggie, the first customer of the day. She's taking her new hat to live in Florida where it may get wet. And that's okay.

Heather, hot on Maggie's heels, in her new fascinator. Great colour choice!

Sometimes a girl just needs to try on something like this, as Avital demonstrates.

Jana models a cap that complements her outfit and lovely smile.

Mildred rocks her cute new two-tone poorboy cap.

Cutest dog of the day! And it had some fierce competition of not-fierce pooches, too.

This band on the south side of Front Street enlivened our afternoon with tubacious renditions of pop hits. Sadly, "Clear the Track, Here Comes Shack" was not among them. But "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was.

Salome in a hairband I made just for her. Just because she's always so generous and kind, and an absolute scream.

Cedy, in her new natural linen bucket hat. Her nephew bought it for her as I was packing up. Yay nephew! Yay Cedy!

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