Sunday, 18 July 2010

Market Post-Bastille Day

Bastille Day came and went and I almost forgot to sing the Marseillaise. Almost. I remembered in the nick of time and regaled my friend Heather with the first verse, very quietly, on the subway. She had taken me to see "Jersey Boys" for a very special birthday present. I had a blast! Everyone should see it and all bands should have choreography.

"Jersey Boys" and this French holiday have nothing to do with millinery, of course. Except for maybe cockades, those nifty little ribbon circles les citoyens wore on their caps. (Note to self: Make more cockades.) I could tell you some nerdy details about the origins of those, but not until you ask. Cheap bid for emails. (Sad, I know.)

Some Francophones did come by my table at the Market on Saturday, though.

The day began sunny and hot, but became cloudier and gustier later in the afternoon. My poor neighbour, Linda Childs, had a few hair-raising moments trying to keep her lovely creations framed in glass from falling to their deaths. It was close there, once or twice. Hats are bouncier.

Other than battening down our respective hatches, my tent neighbours and I were entertained by eye-catchingly costumed teams zooming about on a treasure hunt. It was The Great Urban Race, modeled after The Amazing Race on TV, to raise money for St. Jude's Hospital. They were having their pictures taken pretending to dive into the fountain and asking us where this and that were.

Otherwise, the north Market was abundantly bountiful with produce. Veggies, fruits and flowers seemed to have increased exponentially since last week. Come and see for yourself next Saturday.

Mark, looking quite dashing in an Ivy cap.

Sue, modeling her new wide-brimmed, hand-blocked, tea-stained straw. With chinstraps added for boating with confidence.

Syndey, Carleigh, Taylor, Kristi and Michaela - one attractive family, mostly from Arizona, and a bit from Michigan. Taylor chose a hairband with a zipper flower for a birthday present. Thanks, Taylor!

My friend and best customer, Lucy. She's been coveting this raspberry felt since Christmas, and finally took the plunge. She's looking forward to wearing it for real when it's more seasonally appropriate.

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