Sunday, 11 July 2010

Feeling the Heat

Another spectacularly beautiful day at the Market yesterday. We were so lucky that the heat wave had broken the day before, taking the oppressive humidity away. It was hot and sunny, but not the trying-to-kill-you kind.

Lots of visitors from near and far were afoot, or a-wheel. One was Ramteen, a photographer. He kindly shared with me the cool photo he took of my hats (left). The colour, the composition, the light and shadow! How nice to see my work through someone else's lens. Thanks, Ramteen!

Also, a couple stopped by who used to run a millinery store on Adelaide. It's always fun to meet fellow milliners, but I always seem to meet retirees who have sold all their hat blocks. If you have hat blocks to sell, I'm all ears!

Now it's time to get cracking on a hat for Salome. She's off to Cuba this week, and she must be protected from that Caribbean sun.

On with this week's show:

This is Roslyn, who thought she didn't look good in hats. I love disabusing people of this illusion!

This charming Francophone is Gabrielle, who glows in her new coral linen chapeau.

This is Sydney. I could tell she was a dancer, but she chose not to strike a dancer-ly pose for this photo in which she models her just-made-that-day hairband.

Alley, front, and Blue. I once had a brother who was an Airedale, like Alley. It's true. My mother's other child.

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