Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Pendant Moi Le Deluge*

*With apologies to Louis XV.

Last Saturday at St. Lawrence Market began beautifully -- sunny and breezy, not really hot like last Saturday was. Just about perfect, really. Lots of foot traffic, including two customers who came back for more! I love when that happens! Joanna Sipos of Belle Boutique was there, selling her fantastic jewelry. Everyone loves her. She's so nice and so talented. (Disclaimer: I work for Joanna and David Dunkley of KC's Hats on Sundays.) Somewhat fewer craft vendors than usual. Maybe they were scared away by the weather report.

They had a point. Mid-afternoon what looked like a piffle of a trickle at first glance quickly became a very purposeful downpour. My tent neighbours and a bunch of their friends and we were huddled under our tents, madly grabbing our creations out of harm's way, and learning quickly that the tents have holes in them. Not so much fun.

The last time we had a drenching like that was during Woofstock. Sometimes one is grateful for being off to one side, if said side has a concrete roof.

But it was good while it lasted. Herewith the photographic evidence:

The lovely Amanda, first customer of the day, gracing her new hairband.

Meagan, looking adorable in a straw bowler.

Rachel and Linda, playing dress-up. Although I do think Linda should make that Trilby hers, don't you?

Kate in a bow on a band.

Shy little Monica, the band's new owner.

The lovely and very talented Joanna. I was very flattered that she bought this band, and one other piece.

Carole found the perfect hat. Don't they look happy together?

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