Wednesday, 6 April 2016


I've been doing more tambour embroidery.

The can-do spirit of supporting my frame between two tables (or table/windowsill/desk/rolling rack) had lost its charm. I tried to buy a frame stand that Robert Haven (tambour teacher par excellence) designed and makes, but his teaching schedule was keeping him too busy to sell me one. Instead, he very kindly shared the plans with me. So I made my own, with help from the indispensable Scott.

(Cut wood. Power tools. Love!)

Every time I opened my studio door, that smell of freshly sawn wood wafted out invitingly, beckoning me. The scent lasted for ages. Now that I could sit and embroider for hours at a time in comfort and olfactory self-indulgence, I did.

The fruit of this labour of love is my latest bridal collection.

Every bride is unique, of course, and will inspire a unique piece if she would like to incorporate tambour elements in her wedding millinery.


  1. Ohmygosh, how lovely! They are all beautiful but the first is my favourite!

  2. Love your stand! I am still working Between a table and a footstool with a shoebox on it. Love your creations!