Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sister Act

“I love your fascinators” is always a salubrious introduction! Aine opened our conversation with these choice words this spring when she enquired about having a fascinator of her own made to match a dress. The occasion was her brother’s wedding in Ireland, her native land. She liked what I had to tell her, and her sister Orla did, too, joining Aine at her appointment in my home studio.

Orla (left) and Aine.

The ladies arrived with dresses and ebullience. Aine and Orla got right into the spirit of things, trying on every fascinator on hand, taking photos of each other, and allowing me to take my own. Their energy and enthusiasm was infectious!

Although both dresses were beautifully colourful and floral, Aine was going for a “more is more” look for her own headpiece, while Orla was happier to tone it down a bit.

Aine has been in Canada for a few years now, and having tested the waters, so to speak, encouraged her younger sister Orla to join her on this side of the Atlantic about a year ago. It was lovely to see them advise and consult each other as they decided on their fascinators’ base shapes, colours and trimmings, sharing their opinions to make sure that each would have a piece that would be just right for their individual dresses and personalities.

Our meeting successfully concluded, I went to work. Each palette was delicious to wallow in as I dyed, flowered, feathered, blocked and beaded. When the pieces were ready, the sisters came back to pick them up.

Nail biting time. Would they like them?

They liked them! They said many nice adjectives! “Gorgeous” was one I distinctly remember. They kindly posed for one more photo, and very kindly promised to send photos of themselves at their brother’s July wedding, in all their glory. There were hugs as we said our farewells. (Hug your milliner. We really like it. Makes up for those bitten nails.)

And they were as good as their word. A few days ago Aine sent their photos, saying “Everyone admired our hats and thought they were fab!” Quel relief! And even more exciting news – she got engaged!


I love a happy ending, don’t you?

Orla with her niece, Leah

Aine with her newly betrothed, James

With James's sisters, Carol and Hannah

Thank you, Aine and Orla! It's been a pleasure!


  1. Two lovelies on two lovelies! How lovely!

    1. And what a lovely comment! Thanks, Paddy!

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    1. And fabulous clients, too. Thanks, Shirlee!