Saturday, 29 August 2015

Brock's Hat

If only he'd wanted a fascinator, Brock would have had little trouble finding me online. Ironically, since he wanted a hat, the search took longer. Go figure.

He did find me in due course (of course!), in search of a hat for sun protection.

Brock came to meet with me with his spouse, Anne. It turns out that this genial couple live right around the corner from my home studio!

We chatted about how much we love the Beaches and the changes to it we've seen over the years. And condos. (Torontonians always talk about condos, whichever neighbourhood they call home.) It's always great to meet my neighbours, and extra nice when I can render them a millinery service.

Brock quite liked the hat I had made for Tim last year, but needed more brim. He tried on a few samples and I took some measurements. We decided on fabric and trim, and then I was ready to get to work.

Once construction was underway, I decided a fitting would be a good idea, so Brock and Anne returned. For about two minutes. Because the fit was fine. Thank goodness they didn't have far to come!

Brock's hat was finished shortly after the fitting, and he was happy with it. He described the whole process as an adventure. For me, it was a pleasure.

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