Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Staying Alive

Hats are frivolous extras unless they're saving your life.

I love making beautiful, fluffy things to wear on your head. They gladden the heart and delight the eye. People who choose to wear them are a happy breed. They invite attention to themselves in a way that many would find uncomfortable. Not everyone is ready for Millinery.

Everyone, however, needs a hat. I am reminded of this frequently. The first customer of the season at St. Lawrence Market came to me because of doctor's orders, basically. She chose the widest-brim hat I had, to protect herself from the sun. I hope she will find pleasure in wearing it and not just consider it a grim duty.

I just sent home another customer who came to me for a similar reason. Her husband had recently had melanoma. All cured now, he needs to be vigilant about sun protection. His favourite hat had done him great service over the years, but was on it last legs. (A hat on legs. See what happens when you're careless with metaphors?) They weren't making them like that anymore. Could I copy it? And could I do it without taking the old one apart? And could I make it in time for a Father's Day surprise?

Yes, I could. And did. Another satisfied customer. Can't wait to hear how her husband likes it!

Making frippery and saving lives. All in a day's work for -- Millinerwoman!

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