Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Kind Words and Full Heart

Remember when I said that no one writes to the milliner? Well, those are words I'm happy to snack on. In fact, I've been getting some lovely feedback lately from clients. (I've also started a new page about this.)

A number of ladies have come to me recently for bespoke fascinators for their tea-themed showers. It seems to be quite the thing this season. (I was more prescient than I knew when I named my bridal collection "Tea and Iced Cakes.") As always, I begged them for photos from their showers to share with you. To my great delight, some of them are actually following through! Wee-hoo!

I can't tell you how touching it is to get kind notes and souvenir photos of happy occasions where my work has made its contribution. It absolutely makes my day. Even my entire week!

Thank you thank you thank you to all the people who have said as much to me. And I hope this encourages more of the same! (Are you listening, St. Catherine, patron saint of milliners? It's me, Anne, the milliner.)

Here are some of the photos I've been sent. Chandra's are all copyright Caroline Gauthier Photography:

Chandra in her bespoke fascinator at her bridal shower. She loves the vintage family lace I used because it was made in Paris many years ago, and that's where she got engaged.

Here is a photo I took before it left my studio:

The beautiful rhinestone jewels are earrings Chandra provided.

More on the back, too.

Pinkies out!

Chandra and her lovely mother, Donna, also wearing one of my fascinators, with blingy augmentation.

Here is my photo of it:

Chandra's mother-in-law-to-be, Elizabeth, on the right, and Elizabeth's mother, on the left.

My photo of Elizabeth's fascinator:

A lovely group shot. I like the fountain -- a shower at the shower.

And finally, a gorgeous shot of new mother-to-be, Renu, and her baby bump, aglow in her beautiful dress, topped off by her fascinator par moi:

My shot of it, floating merrily away

I made one for her mother, too, but I only have my studio shot of that one:

Renu sent a lovely note with an enclosed photo perfectly posed to show off the person, and her attire. I told her she should give lessons on how to thank your milliner/dressmaker/insert artisan title here.

Ladies, I thank you all for your trust in me and for following through on your promises! I'm sure St. Catherine, patron saint of milliners, will look favorably towards you!

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