Saturday, 12 October 2013

Thanksgiving Saturday

Another gorgeous day was had by all Torontonians on this Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend. It's like summer hasn't really ended. I'll take it!

Last Saturday it rained early in the morning, which hats (and especially fascinators) don't like, so we stayed home. The week before was very slow, but pleasant weather. I'll post its photos below.

This is usually a bustling weekend at St. Lawrence Market, with all that provisioning for Thanksgiving feasts. So it was today, despite one line of the subway being down for maintenance. Sunny crowds thronged, often in summer clothes. The mood was upbeat and festive.

My client who lives half the time in Rome came by for a visit, looking très chic in one of the hats I made for her. Apparently life in the Eternal City agrees with my hat, which is much better traveled than I am these days.

Erin, who was minding my tent neighbour Mark's table for the summer, dropped by to say hello. She is great with child, due next month, with a toddler at home. Needless to say her priorities have shifted to the home front, so Mark is back among us, minding his own business, so to speak. They are both great folks and wonderful vendor neighbours.

My immediate "neighbourhood" at the world's greatest market (according to National Geographic) is very neighbourly. All week long from May through October I look forward to seeing my fellow vendors and makers, catching up on their news and local gossip. We get to know each other's families, because they come visit or drop off/pick up, and help out (viz the indispensable Scott). My vendor neighbours are generally very kind, very mutually supportive, inspiring and super talented. Market Saturdays counts as a major component of my social life, frankly. For this community, on this Thanksgiving weekend, I am truly thankful. Amen!

On with the show...

My end-of-summer sale table two weeks ago, with its come-hither bunting.

Mihaela, who came hither and bought this lovely band from the Jess collection. Merci Mihaela!

Salome and felt. She was compiling felt colour combos for me for making head bands. She is an artist, you know. I mean, she actually went to art school. I feel it behoves me to take advantage of whatever arty favours she cares to bestow upon me, and I bow to her wow.

This little guy was left with me and the indispensable Scott while his "mum" did a spot of shopping. Did we know them? No. Do I remember his name? No. But that doesn't diminish his cuteness one little bit.

Now onto today's show.

Simone was the first customer of the day. She has a family wedding to attend next weekend, and this stylish "Lily Garbo" number is going with her. Thanks, Simone!

Fair Wages Now seeking support for a $14 minimum wage. There's always something extra going on at the Market.

Dog break!

Flash! He's a three-year-old Parson Russell terrier who bays most awesomely when missing his "mother", as he was. His "dad" tells me the breed is not that usual in Canada, but more so in Ireland. So now you know.

A random someone-or-other. A long-legged French bulldog? Who can say?

Milo! This five-year-old Maltese was fresh from the groomers, and quite enchanting. Smelled good, too.

Dog break over. Back to people.

Melanie arrived wearing a casual cap at a jaunty angle, so I knew right away she was of my tribe. (The people of the hat.) And she only joined the tribe a couple of years ago, but she has made up for lost time by accumulating quite a collection. I'm so happy that this one of mine is her latest acquisition, because they look made for each other. Thanks, Melanie!

Sophie! She spent quite a bit of time keeping me company while her parents browsed. Did you know that the right thumb is much better for tying a helium balloon to than is the left thumb? Well, Sophie says so and now you know. Here she is mugging for her dad's camera in her favourite item of mine, a teal lace fascinator. She got to take home a calla lily clip with feathers in the same colour of silk that her lovely dad bought her. Thanks, guys!

Sophia! As I was finishing making this band, this little cutie came by in her highly apposite outfit. A match made in cuteness heaven! Thanks, Sophia and family!

And that was the Thanksgiving Saturday that was. Join us next week (weather permitting) for another Market report.

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