Friday, 25 October 2013

Rain, Fall, Farewell

Last Saturday at St. Lawrence Market was a great one for me! By 10:30 a.m. I had sold three hats, plus a hair toy or two. Pretty fast out of the gate for moi. I thank the universe for kindly listening when I asked as nicely as possible for a good day.

I mostly thank the individuals who made it so, especially Dionne from Washington, up for a bit of R & R. She wisely invested in Salome's fabulous jewelry, then cast her eyes to the right and favoured my wares with her attention. She liked what she saw, and chose not one but two of my pieces! And she's a very stylin' lady, so I am delighted that two of my chapeaux will be spending their days in the capital of the U.S.A. on the capital of Dionne.

My tent neighbour, Mark, teaches ESL when he's not selling jewelry made by the Miaow people of south China. Ever the innovator, he was making little videos to explain English idioms to his students. He asked me for one, explaining a few hat-related examples, like "Keep it under your hat" and "Mad as a hatter". It was fun! So who knows, maybe you'll see me if you take one of Mark's classes.

Deborah bought the very first of my new sewn cloches! I'm so glad she did, because she looks wonderful in it, with her mass of curls. It's always a happy day when a new design finds its first home. I'll be making more for the holiday season and winter.

Mean Mr. Mustard also found its forever home! Thanks to Edwin, who can rock a chartreuse felt like few others. Atmospheric conditions prevented any hat-modeling photographs at that moment, sadly. It would have been a good one.

The rain came early. We weren't expecting any until 1-ish, but the it clearly had a packed schedule and didn't stand on ceremony regarding its previously announced start time. It came, and it was good and wet. There is only so much you can do with flimsy sheets of plastic and clamps, and pretty soon it was apparent that the day was over. We packed up and beat a hasty retreat.

Last Saturday at St. Lawrence Market was just that -- my last Saturday, at least until next May, when the tents go up again. On to the holiday season! Remember, you can subscribe to my blog to make sure you don't miss any announcements about holiday sales, or any other post. The button is at the top of the right sidebar.

On with the show!

Deborah in the very first sewn cloche! I think they suit each other perfectly.

The stylin' Ms. Dionne from DC in the red bucket she bought...

...and again, in her new green toque! She looks great, and she'll keep cozy and warm until the cherry blossoms return. Many thanks, Dionne!

Liz, looking lovely in her new emerald band. Thanks, Liz!

Dog break!

Sticky Toffee, the habitué with his own website.

And again, from above, so you can read his t-shirt.

Two little wrestlers.

Meeting and greeting.

Dog break over! Back to people, or at least, not-dogs.

My flimsy tarp doing its best to keep the merch dry.

Salome returning borrowed scissors. I love this photo. Almost as much as I love....

....this one!

And so, adieu, Market of 2013! Thanks for the memories. See you next May!

The hattiness continues, even though the Market season has ended. Check back regularly for news, or better yet, subscribe!

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