Friday, 16 August 2013

Sirius Silliness

Last Saturday was the almost the end of the dog days of summer. As if on cue, many lovely pooches made their presence known, which is always a present to me.

Like this happy fella! What a winning smile!

It was another perfect-weather day, good for biking or walking or getting around town other than on the subway, where the north-south trains were out of commission for maintenance. Despite the inconvenience, everyone seemed to be fairly jolly. Maybe the Caribbean festival's spirit was in the air.

There was a general silliness abounding, as the photos might suggest. I myself am extremely silly, so I felt right at home.

The indispensable Scott, on princess purse detail. (It belongs to Isabella, for whom it is an absolutely appropriate accessory. Context is everything.)

Robyn wasn't silly. She chose this saucy little fascinator, which looks great on her auburn hair.

This is Kisses, the Pomeranian.

Pom de terre. (I am hilarious.)

Another non-silly moment: Vivian chose this diskette fascinator to wear to her church's wear-a-hat event. Love this on her!

Tiny band, tiny drum set.

A child wearing an inflatable life saver as a hat. And really, why not?

The best image of the day.

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