Monday, 19 September 2011

Second-Last Saturday

Another pretty day at St. Lawrence Market was enjoyed by all last Saturday. Foot traffic wasn't what it could have been, but it had a lot to contend with -- the Don Valley Parkway was out of commission all weekend, as was the Yonge Street subway line. The traffic congestion that resulted was a thing to be reckoned with. I'm thinking maybe some people were staying close to home to avoid the mess. Ah, Toronto, such scheduling genius...

We were kept entertained by a guitarist on the sidewalk in front of us and a blue-ish grass duo behind us in the park. A large jelly bean was giving out freebies and getting his picture taken a lot. A large wedding party in a bus pulled up later in the afternoon looking for photo ops of their own. Steve hung out with us, Bluetooth in place, occasionally taking calls. He does things with limos during the week, but is looking for just the right thing to sell at the Market on weekends. He's around a lot, so maybe it will happen by osmosis.

Salome's sister was visiting from Vancouver. Roberto's son was visiting from home. His name is Severus and he was an internet sensation a few years ago, narrating (and making inadvertent appearances in) an adorable stop-motion video his dad made. He's quite modest for one so famous. He also likes hats and has a fedora, so he's one of my tribe.

Next Saturday is my last for the St. Lawrence Market season. The tents will be up until the end of October, I believe, and there are always vendors outside on the weekends, tents or not. Salome is among them. Well, not this very second...

But I will be posting my holiday show schedule here, so stay tuned!

Jessica test-driving the sinamay rose band.

Judy, who likes this hat. So do I. It was having a moment that day.

See what I mean? That's Steve with Salome. Don't call him Charles.

The blue-ish grass band. I am such a sucker for a banjo. So is the small child.

The guitar player. Another lovely instrument.

Cordeiros squared. Joao and Salome.

Lisa chose this little bow band. And I thank her for doing so once again.

The large wedding party and the large bus.

The littlest bridesmaid, living my childhood fantasy. How I longed to be dolled up as a tiny bride in a wedding party. But the universe thought otherwise and it was not to be. I'm sure it knew best.

Ruth, who came back and bought this two-tone cap. Many thanks, Ruth!

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