Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Last Saturday

Last Saturday was my last Saturday at St. Lawrence Market for the summer season, which starts in mid-spring and goes to early autumn. And what a gorgeous day it was! We were expecting all kinds of "meh" or worse weather, and instead were treated to warm and sunny. Lots of relieved-looking people were about, browsing and shopping.

Someone was giving away these cool burlap bags, so I nabbed one.

This week's musicians noticed I was aiming my camera at them and obliging smiled for me.

Salome had the nerve to be absent for my last day. Instead, her lovely daughter, Adrian, filled in for her. We fed her big, soft pretzels, as was only fitting, as her mother usually shares hers with us and many others. (We get them at the farmers' market at Oodles of Strudels. You should, too.)

Steve was around again, so I put him to work as a hat model. Look for him in weekends to come, with his high-tech fabric active wear.

I had made some new hat pins, which were well received. Here's Marg, who plans on wearing hers on a scarf.

Raelene from Perth, Australia bought a hat. It's always extra flattering to have one of my pieces chosen by someone who lives in a millinery hotspot.

And speaking of travelers, here is Marlin, from the U.S.A., in his new poorboy cap.

And speaking of poorboy caps, Jill made an inspired choice with this one.

Charlie in a pink hairband.

Charlene in her new hat. Clearly, ladies whose names begin "Char" know how to flatter their outfits and complexions with headwear.

Roberto and Stephen pointed out their new "Open" sign, which was tres amusant.

A small child on a Winnie the Pooh leash came by, too cute to miss capturing.

This lady demonstrated why she looks good in headwear -- her head could have been the model for the ubiquitous styrofoam ones. And that girl can wear anything.

Three disparate examples of Market style. The bike looks like it belongs to a resident of Ward's Island. For non-Torontonians, Ward's is one of the islands in our harbour, and the last one with homes. There are no cars allowed, so the residents have these nifty, tricked-out bikes of impressive variety to do as much duty as possible, like lugging home groceries. And, apparently, tiny canoes, like on the back of this one.

And, finally, the lovely Ms. Gail, who celebrated her birthday with a sinamay swirl and feathers. A career ballerina, she was also quite taken with a white feather fascinator she dubbed "Swan Lake". The one she chose didn't require pointe shoes, however.

Well, that's a season. And a glorious one it was, too, after the first few wet weeks. Lovely weather, people and sales. Thank you, one and all, and a big thank you to you, universe!

I'm now in major production mode, getting ready for my holiday season craft sales. So stay tuned for news about those.

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