Monday, 18 July 2011

It was another gorgeous day at St. Lawrence Market last Saturday. The breeze was very nice for most of our time there, wafting up Market Street from the lake, to cool us in the warm sunshine. It's easy getting up early on such a summer's day.

How we wished we could have our own fountain to slosh through, as the doggies (and the occasional child) do in the one beside our tent.

So many pretty summer dresses going by. My friend Linda and I had to stop someone just to tell her how much we loved her dress. Very Marimekko. Made me feel cool just looking at it.

A good day with visits from friends, and the lovely Joanna Sipos of Belle Boutique jewelry beside us for the day. She's a fabulous artist and a very nice person. If you go to the One of A Kind Shows, be sure to look for her and her amazing belts.

On with the show...
Ellen in her pretty new hair band. It will be worn to a wedding in Colorado Springs soon. I wish I traveled as much as my creations do...

Leslie in her new wide-brimmed green hat, her second Hat by Anne. Merci beaucoup, Leslie!

Lisa and Myles, who approved his mum's choice.

Joanna's turn to strike a pose in "Eliza", and one of her own extraordinary necklaces. Beautiful, no?

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