Monday, 11 July 2011

Beaver Tales

Last week I misplaced my camera. Not much point in blogging about the Market without any pics to show you, so I didn't. The camera finally turned up, well hidden under a big tube of buckram in my workroom. I guess it really wanted the day off. I can relate. I used whatever excuses I could to get out of math in high school. I never did hide under a roll of buckram, though...

This week the camera graciously agreed to accompany us once more to document our Saturday. It was a lovely, sunny day. The weather was perfect -- breezy, warm and not sticky. Thank you, universe!

St. Lawrence Market often has special events and promotions happening. Some poor person brought her young son down especially because she thought it was Buskerfest weekend. That's not until the end of August. Instead, we had a giant, inflatable beaver promoting Canada's national parks. The beaver, who is unnamed (I checked), has the honour of having appeared at the closing of last year's winter Olympics in Vancouver. His staff were handing out helium balloons, so hopefully the busker-less child was somewhat mollified by one. I know I was. I had a jolly yellow one dressing up a corner of my tent for the day. Salome wanted to know if they were handing out beaver tails, but no. They should rectify this.

A local restaurant was handing out deviled eggs, though, and discount cards. No giant inflatable chickens, though. You really can't have everything.

As usual, people came, played dress-up, and some bought. So on with the show:
This charming young lady from Indiana (whose name I shamefully forgot to ask for) was in town with her family for the Honda Indy, across town. Maybe she was wearing her new black rosette hairband when Dario Franchitti crossed the finish line. And if she sees this and emails me her name, I promise I'll update this post and include it.

Dr. Heather Dawson, MD and southern belle. I believe she blessed my heart. It was very charming. Southern ladies know about hats.

Sally modeling my latest sinamay swirl fascinator, which I dyed coral. Dyeing is easy. Comedy's hard.

This is Georgia, a Cairn terrier. The in-
dispensable Scott and I had one once, and we're suckers for them. Georgia is especially sweet.

(Don't you kind of like this photo, with all its shadows? I do!)

Shivani and Alison. They came by to play with the fascinators, then came back to buy them. Alison chose a different one than the one she is modeling, but Shivani kept this one. And I couldn't be more flattered that they chose to grace their pretty heads with my work. Thank you, ladies!

(BTW, Spell Check hates the word "fascinator". It should really get over this.)

"Eliza" on Salome. Two fair ladies.

"Eliza" and Megan. See above.

This little read-headed girl's (LRG) name also escapes me. This is what happens when you multi-task and don't write things down right away. She had to model all the hats that fit her while posing with carefully chosen fake floral arrangements from my table display. Cute little ham.

(Please email me her name, o mother of LRG, and I will update this post!)

As another Market day draws to its close, two vendor neighbours play dress-up. That would be me on the right. I am wearing one of Salome's latest creations, a necklace of greenery-yallery crystals and stones amidst crocheted wire. Awesome. (Spell Check also hates "amidst", which just goes to show how ridiculous it is.)

Definitely time to call it quits!

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