Monday, 25 July 2011

Hot Children in the City*

* With apologies to Nick Gilder.

It was hot on Saturday at the Market. Not, mercifully, as hot as the previous two days had been, which was off the charts. We almost broke a record on Thursday. Chez moi we just stayed in with the bedroom air conditioner blasting away, which does help most of the house, and the windows all darkened, trying not to move too much. Eating salads. Drinking lots of water. Watching the lawn shrivel up. Sigh...

But Saturday was not so bad, with the nice lake breeze coming up Market Street. People seemed a bit relieved that the walloping heat had subsided, like Henry and his gang, above. And Sunday's rain was a big help. Monday, as I write this, is just lovely, with much of the humidity gone, at least in my neighbourhood.

I think I talk at least as much about weather on this blog as I do about hats. This is because a) I am Canadian, and that's what we do, if you believe the cliches, and b) I work outside in the summertime. So weather affects me and my vendor neighbours rather a lot.

Consider the poor soap makers. Lovely homemade soap doesn't like too much sun or rain. Neither do art or photographic prints. Etc.

A few visitors on Saturday, but rather quiet all in all.

Here is the gallery:

Dress-up time with Maike.

Dress-up time with Sophie and Olivia.
Isn't this the cutest picture? Don't the cockles of your heart feel warmer now?

Dress-up time with Twyla.

Christine in her new periwinkle linen chapeau, in front of Salome's beautiful jewelry display. All other customers were feeling too camera shy to be photographed.

Salome in my new gingham equestrian cap with the fetching zipper trim and one of her many fabulous pairs of specs.

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