Sunday, 26 June 2011

Post-Frabjous Saturday

The first Saturday of actual summer reverted to the blah weather to which we're getting all too accustomed. It sprinkled a little, but, thankfully, with no real commitment. Where's that summer weather spirit, huh?? Where's the "Let's get out there and shine and warm people!" Weather today, I tell you...


The day went on as days tend to do, and it was fine. It's always good to see my vendor neighbours and meet new people who come by to try and/or buy. A ladybug was among them.

Here's this week's gallery:
Adorable sisters, Isabelle and Chloe.

More adorable sisters, Charla and Deborah. Deborah is trying a new design I unveiled this week, in pink linen. I call it the "Lily Garbo": Lily, for the vendor neighbour who inspired it, and Garbo, because it reminds me of her, too. This one found a home quickly.

This is either Pandora, Phoebe or Kiki. They wheeled by and did some major barking at other dogs who had the temerity to cross their pram's path.

Aileen workin' it in my Queen of Hearts-ish strawberry fascinator. She chose a turquoise sinamay one for keeps, though.

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