Monday, 20 June 2011

Strawberry Festival A Red Letter Day!

Saturday, June 18 was just gorgeous. Finally! A Saturday that didn't rain, or even threaten it! Warm and sunny! Lovely lake breezes! And strawberries!

It was Strawberry Festival Day at St. Lawrence Market. Yummy-looking trays of chocolate-covered beauties wafted by my table. Celebrity chefs in the south market were giving demos, as were local producers. Lots and lots of people were around to enjoy it all. There was a feeling of ebullience in the air, as if everyone was kicking up their mental heels for a long-awaited warm, sunny Saturday.

We vendors had been encouraged to make strawberry-themed merchandise in honour of the occasion, so we did. I made hat pins and fascinators (pictured above on one of Salome's strawberry sock monsters). Salome Cordeiro and Maria Lopez, my jewelry-making neighbours to my right, had apropos offerings and shared an adorable strawberry top fabric awning Salome had made that spanned their two roofed market carts. Many of us were wearing the jolly red promotional T-shirts the management had given us. It was really, really theme-y.

It was also an excellent day for sales for us. In fictional milliner-speak, it was positively frabjous! (Callooh! Callay!) I don't know whether to thank the event, the weather, or a new table setup I unveiled that day; I just know I was so busy I had to forgo taking photographs before long. And that when I got home I was so knackered that I almost forgot to Futterwacken vigorously.

But I did squeak in a few pics, and here they are:

The lovely Elizabeth chose to model this hand-dyed silk and organza fascinator, "Mood Indigo", which she graciously graces.

Allie looks awesome in aqua.

This is Kimmie playing dress-up. Flair for days, I'm telling you.

Kimmie again, working it. She chose this cap and a sinamay fascinator which might not have long to live if she wears it to school.

Leslie chose two other hats and an embellished band, but also looked so great in this one I asked her to pose for this photo.

This turquoise creation with peacock feather has been waiting for Pam to make it hers.

The never boring Salome pertly posing in my Queen of Hearts-ish fascinator. (It's still available, you lucky people. Salome, however, is not.)

This is the front view of my new table set up, with the indispensable Scott in the back, and your intrepid milliner visible in the mirror. Was this new look responsible for especially awesome sales?

Or was the new side view?

So if you want to find me this week, I'll be glued to my work table. See you at St. Lawrence Market next Saturday!

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